Rahu Ketu Puja

Remedies to Reduce Malefic Effects of Rahu

Rahu gives a lot of unfavourable results during its Dasha or transit. Person under the influence of Rahu is not interested in religious acts or spirituality. Person’s ideas differ from all other family members. Rahu is one of the unfavourable planets. If the planet forms any relation with any house then it negatively affects that house.

Bathe Using the Products Related to Rahu:
Dasha of Rahu is said to be the Dasha of mental sufferings. When planet does not give favourable results during transit, you should bathe with its products. Put Guggul in bathing water and bathe with it. Meditate on Lord Rahu at the time of bathing. Bathe with the normal water after this. Perform this remedy regularly would make you free from unfavourable influence of Rahu. The remedy also arouses interest in worship and religious activities.

Donate Products of Rahu:
You can donate copper or black sesame on Saturday for auspiciousness of Rahu. You can donate these products in a temple or to a person in need. Always buy and donate these products as per your capability.

Lord Rahu

Mantra of Rahu:
Chanting Vedic Mantra of Rahu and reciting Durga Shlok would be beneficial for you. The Mantra of Rahu is “Om Kayanakshachitra Aabhuv Dooni Sada Budhah Sakhah Kaya Shachishthya Vrata”.
Reciting the Mantra of Rahu during transit helps you gather positive fruits. Chant the Mantra on a fixed time when you can do it comfortably. You should recite only one Mantra in a day. You can start reciting after fixing time and place for chanting. Recite one Mantra for 108 times or more than 108 times in a day.

Yantra of Rahu:
You can establish Yantra of Rahu with the help of a priest. Make nine boxes in this Yantra. Write 13, 8 and 15 in the first three partitions. Write 14, 12 and 10 in the middle three partitions. Finally, write 9, 16 and 11 in the last three partitions.