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Ten Forms of Maa Durga

In diverse holy Hindu scriptures, Goddess Durga is revered and worshipped in numerous manifestations. Certain sets of these forms exhibit partial overlap. Nevertheless, each of these distinct forms represents an autonomous deity deeply engaged in safeguarding the harmony of nature and the cosmic equilibrium, while combating malevolent forces that endeavor to disrupt this delicate balance.Forms of Maa Durga

The Markandeya Purana places the ten forms of Durga in the following order:

Forms of Maa Durga

Durga: The Goddess who first received and showed her beautiful face to entice the demons.

Dashabhooja: In this fierce ten-armed form of hers, she destroyed a part of the army of demons.

Singha-Vahini: In this form atop a lion, she fought with Raktabeeja, the general of Shumbha and Nishumbha whose drops of blood created thousands of demons.

Mahisha-Mardini: In this form, she slew Shumbha, the demon, who had taken the form of a buffalo.

Jagadhatri: In this form, she overcame the army of demons.

Kali: In this form, she destroyed Raktabeeja by drinking his drops of blood and not allowing them to fall on the ground thus disallowing the further creation of demons from his blood.

Muktakeshi: In this form, with flowing hair, she overcame another army of demons.

Tara: In this form she killed Sambhu.

Chinnamastika: In this form she killed Nishumbha.

Jagadguree: In this form, she was worshipped by all the gods for their salvation from the demons.

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