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Thali Maha Kshetram Timings, History, Puja Schedule

Thali Maha Kshetram is an ancient temple in the heart of Kozhikode town. God Shiva is the presiding deity. The Jyothirlingam in the Sanctum Sanctorum is believed to have been installed by Sri Parasuraman. The temple is one km to the east of Kozhikode railway station. It is surrounded by the Palayam market.

Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple. There is a strict dress code in the Temple. Men have to wear mundu. Mundus is available for rent with a nominal fee and New Mundus are also available. Women should wear a saree or salwar kameez. Young girls are permitted to use long skirts with blouses.

This was the family temple of the Zamorins who had ruled Kozhikode. Although the temple is now under Malabar Devaswom, the Zamorin is the managing trustee.
The temple is built in traditional Kerala architectural style. The two-storied sanctum-sanctorum is in the shape of a chariot. It is adorned with murals and granite sculptures of Lord Shiva’s retinue.

Inside Sree Kovil deities of Tali Ganapathy, Thevarathil Ganapathy and Thrumandhakunnu Bhagavathy are installed. Sree Krishna, Thevarathil Bhagavathy, Lord Ayyappa, Sri Vishnu and Nagam are installed outside Shiva Temple. Sree Valayanad Bhagavati idol is installed inside Sree Krishna Temple. There is a small Narasimha Moorthy temple on the southern side of the Sri Vishnu Temple.

Thali Maha Kshetram Timings:

Morning: 4:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Thali Maha Kshetram

Kozhikode Shiva Temple Puja Schedule:

  1. Nadathurakkal Abishekam is the first puja. It starts at 4:30 AM. This puja takes place at Sivakshetram.
  2. Dhara Usha pooja takes place at Sivakshetram. This worship is at 5:30 AM.
  3. Ganapathihomam puja is at 6:00 AM. It takes place at the Nalambalam temple.
  4. Ravilathe worship is at 6:30 AM. The puja takes place at Sivakshetram.
  5. At 7:00 AM and 7:15 AM, Seeveli Pooja takes place both at Sivakshetram and Krishnakshetram.
  6. Navagraha Pooja along with Mrithyunjaya Homam takes place at 7.30 am. It is at Sivakshetram temple.
  7. Pantheeradi Puja is at 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. This is first at Krishnakshetram shrine and then at Sivakshetram. Lakshminarayana Pooja also takes place at Krishnakshetram but at 8:30 AM.
  8. Ucha Pooja takes place at 9:45 AM and then at 10:00 AM; first at Krishnakshetram and then at Sivakshetram.
  9. Seeveli worship takes place at 10:30 AM and then at 10:45 AM; first at Krishnakshetram and then at Sivakshetram.
  10. Nadayadaykkal worship is at 11:00 AM. It takes place at Nalambalam.
  11. Nadathurakkal occurs at 5:00 PM. This takes place at Krishnakshetram and Sivakshetram.
  12. Dheep Aaradhana is at 6:30 PM. This takes place at Krishnakshetram and Sivakshetram. This is a sacred moment as the priests worship with traditional towered oiled lamps and to the beats of drums.
  13. Umamaheshwara Puja and Bhaghavathi Seva take place at 7:00 PM. It is both at Sivakshetram and Nalambalam.
  14. Athaazha puja is at 7:30 PM. It is first at Krishnakshetram and then at Sivakshetram.
  15. 8:00 PM is the time for Seeveli at Sivakshetram.
  16. The day ends with Trippuka, Nadayadaykkal at 8:30 PM. It takes place at Krishnakshetram and Sivakshetram.
  17. Vazhipadu is a special puja. It takes place on special requests from the devotees. People interested in performing this puja need to book 3 days before the date. Also, worshipers can book for Vazhipadu online.
  18. Appam, Vilakku, Maala, Nei Vilakku, Pin Vilakku, Ganapathi Homam, Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam, Mrithyunjaya Homam, Dhara, Karuka Homam, Koovala mala, Uma Maheswara pooja and Ada are some of the special worships.

Thali Maha Temple History:

Tali Maha Kshetram is one of the oldest temples in Kozhikode. The temple was built by Swamy Thirumulapad. The founding and prosperity of Kozhikode City are closely linked with the sanctity of this ancient temple. It is believed that the lingam in the sanctum of the Temple was installed by Sage Parasurama at the end of Dwaparayuga. The posture in the sanctum is that of Umamaheswara. Though this divine power existed from time immemorial, the attention of the citizens of Kozhikode was (bestowed on the temple) only about 1500 years ago. Later on, the temple reached its zenith during the rule of the Zamorin of Calicut, who had the prestigious title Sailabdheswara. The present temple was built in the 14th century.

The temple was almost damaged when Tipu Sultan invaded Kozhikode in the 18th century. Again the shrine was renovated in 1964. Revathi Pattathanam’s function started at this temple. Eminent people and philosophers came to this function. Bharatha Meemamsa, Prabhakara Meemamsa, Vedanta Meemamsa and Vyakarana were discussed at the functions. During the 15th and 16th centuries, eighteen poets came to this function. This function also takes place at present. Some historians believe the temple was made even before the city was built.

Thali Maha Shiva Kshetram

Thali Maha Kshetram Sub-Dieies:

Tali Ganapathy
Thevarathil Ganapathy
Thrumandhakunnu Bhagavathy
Sree Krishna
Thevarathil Bhagavathy
Lord Ayyappa
Lord Vishnu
Sree Valayanad Bhagavati
Narasimha Moorthy

Sree Valayanadu Devi Temple Dress Code:

For Men: Dhoti or Mundu without shirts or banyan.
For Women: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Churidar with Dupatta/ Half saree.

Cameras, mobiles, and all other electronic items are strictly prohibited inside the temple.

How to reach Tali Maha Kshetram Map:

By Air:
The Calicut International Airport is just 23 km from the Temple. There are private vehicles available from the airport that can take you directly to the temple.

By Rail:
Kozhikode railway station is the nearest Railway station. There are regular trains from almost all major cities.

By Road:
Private-run A/C and Non-A/C buses are available from all major cities. Besides these luxury and semi-deluxe buses are available from KSRTC. If you travel by your own car or bike, one can opt for the routes like Lakkidito, Nilamburto, Thalasseryto, Pattambito, Tholpettyto, Bandipur National Park to Kozhikode.

Places Near Tali Maha Kshetram:

Tali Maha Kshetram Address:

Tali Road,
Kerala – 673002.
Phone: 0495 270 3610

Tali Shiva Kshetram Map:

Thali Maha Kshetram Timings, History, Puja Schedule

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