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The Hindu view of life

Hinduism does not promise just something only in the after death life alone. Nor does it stop within the boundaries of “only what is seen is true” life. It supports the follower in leading a life that is rich in terms of value, as well as provides a mechanism to extend that smoothly to the great state beyond birth-death ultimately.

Hinduism takes a pragmatic view on the followers. It does not ask the follower to undergo lots of hardship to get the ultimate gift (of course you have that choice) nor does it forces to blindly jump into the well. What it provides for is the analyzed set of paths one could tread. The followers have option on even the fasting and observances.

Along with the need for being disciplined and just, it also recognizes the need for the individual to pursue wealth and joy in life. This is the core concept of the purushartha which means “meaning of life” or essence of life. There are four purusharthas or the things to seek for in one’s life. They are dharma, artha, kama, moksha. That is virtue, wealth, joy and liberation. You do not need to keep worrying all your lifetime about the discipline and keep fearing about life after death. There is more to it in life and Hinduism fully supports you to pursue them along with virtue and God. You do not lose out either here or there.

How about the lifestyles? In accordance with ones own inclination one can either lead a household life or can lead an ascetic life. If you ask the ascetics they would say the ascetic way is the best way and the household would claim the glory of leading the family life. Both are definitely glorious when the essence of life is kept intact. To support this the life is categorized as four blocks called. They are brahmacharya, gr^ihasta, vanapratha, sanyasa. That is knowledge seeking (bachelorhood), household, simplified life and practitioner of austerity. Depending upon the block of life Hinduism suggests the courses of action.

In essence Hinduism suggests one to lead a successful life that is just, at the same time cater to the needs and resulting in a joyful journey that ultimately culminates in the great Eternal Bliss.

Sing the Lord of pukalur. You would get to live happily in this world, meeting the needs of food and clothing. Your heart will be free of sadness. There is no doubt about ruling the shivaloka in the after life. – sundharar.

The Hindu view of life

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