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Three Days Annual Vasanthotsavam Came To An End

4 May 2015 Tiruchanur:

On Monday the three days Annual Vasanthotsavam came to an end on a religious note in the temple of Goddess Padmavathi at Tiruchanur.

After completing the early morning sevas, Goddess Padmavathi’s processional deity was brought to Friday Gardens and placed on a specially decked platform with flowers and Snapana Tirumanjanam was performed by the temple priests by chanting the Veda Mantras.

Fine sandal wood paste was applied to the whole body of the processional deity and Tirunamam is applied to the forehead as a mark of giving a chill-thrill experience to Goddess.

Devotees thronged to witness the grandeur of Goddess Padmavathi and Her enchanting charm in Her simple yet graceful attire and received Her divine blessings.

AEO Naga Rathna, Temple staff’s and temple priests were also present at the ceremony.
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Three Days Annual Vasanthotsavam Came To An End

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