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Tirumala Balaji Laddu Counter Details, History

Tirumala Laddu is one of the most beloved Prasadam for the devotees who worship Lord Sri Venkateswara/Balaji. Although the laddu as prasadam began in 1715, it became the most significant prasadam and the most loved for the pligrims. The laddu is given as prasadam to devotees after having darshan in the temple. The laddu prasadam is prepared inside the temple kitchen called “Potu” by the TTD.

Tirupati Laddu has obtained a geographical indication label which only authorizes Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams to manufacture it and sell it under the food of GI Act 1999. Tirumala Laddu can not be sold outside the temple.

Tirumala Balaji Laddu

There are three laddu types served by the temple to pilgrims.
They are: Proktham Laddu, Asthanam Laddu, Kalyanotsavam Laddu.

Proktham Laddu:

Proktham Laddu is distributed regularly to all pilgrims visiting the temple. It is small, weighs 175 grams and is prepared in large quantities.

Asthanam Laddu:

Asthanam laddu is prepared only on special festive occasions. It is large and weighs 750 grams and is prepared with more cashew nuts, almonds and saffron threads. For additional laddu it costs Rs.50.

Kalyanotsavam Laddu:

Kalyanotsavam laddu is distributed to devotees who participate in Kalyanotsavam, VIP and some Arjitha Sevas. These are prepared in very small numbers and are in great demand. For additional laddu, it costs Rs.200.

How to get extra laddus from laddu counter?

TTD will provide laddus for every seva booked on TTD Online Website. You can book extra laddu (Rs.50 per laddu) and a maximum of 2 extra laddus per ticket while you book seva.

Even in rush hour, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam organizes laddu counters in various places in Tirumala such as Srivari Temple. More than 60 laddu counters are arranged in the special complex to sell laddus to pilgrims.

Extra Laddus – Rs.100 – 4 Laddus

Rs.50 – 2 Laddus

Timings: 8.00 AM – 8.00 PM

East Mada Road,
Beside Main Temple.
Phone: 517504

Tirumala Balaji Laddu Counter Details, History

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