Tirumala Tirthas

Tirumala Kumaradhara Theertham

Kumaradhara theertham is a holy theertha located West-North (Vayuvya) corner about six miles to Srivari temple. Kumaradhara Theertham is believed to be the place where Kumara Swamy(Subramanya/Muruga) took bath, meditated ‘Srivari Ashtakshara’ manthra after killing wicked deamon named Tarakasura. He performed this penance here to absolve himself from Brahmahathya (killing brahmin) sin upon Lord Siva’s suggestion. Hence this name Theertham was names as Kumaradhara Theertham.

A bath in Kumaradhara Theertham would provide the advantage of having performed a Rajasuya Yajna, ritual. A devotee with attain salvation. Food and money can be donated here.

Bathing in this water is really refreshing and is said to wash away the evils and confer good fortune.
Every pilgrim visiting Tirumala Tirupati must and should visit this place.
The best time for visiting this place is during the rainy season, this place looks even more beautiful with greenery around and with white water gushing out of the rocks.

Kumaradhara & Pasupudhara theerthams have 3-5 ways exist:

  •  From Tirumala via Japali theertham.
  • From Papavinasanam dam (Popular).
  • From Talakona through forest via Annadammula banda, Gollolla raccha.
  • From Kadapa district Kodur->Balupalli/ Kukkaladoddi/ Mamandur.

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