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Tiruvannamalai The Place Where Siddhas Live | Cave Namasivaya Siddha

Annamalaiyar Where Siddhas Live:

Kugai Namasivayar says to the devotees who come to see him; Reach the feet of Annamalaiyar. No matter how much sin you are… even if karma chases you… you will be holy.

Siddhas are living in so many mountains in Tamil Nadu. Thiruvannamalai has a very unique and special place in those mountains. As Lord Shiva is living as a mountain, Thiruvannamalai is a mountain that attracts more men of Siddha. This is why Guru Namashivayar has mentioned Annamalai as ′′ The mountain which calls Gnanath Tapovanar as VA.

There are hundreds of invisible Siddhas in this mountain which is the land of Sithar. They are blessed by Ethan and helping the devotees. Sometimes those Siddhas show the devotees. Not only Thiruvannamalai hills but the temple is also considered a place full of blessings of Siddhas. Inside the temple, there is a place where one of the eighteen Siddhar, who is one of the eighteen Siddha, got the light of the temple.

Similarly, Arunachaleswarar in Mukti Mandapam in the third Prakam, Yogi, they say that they will give darshan to Siddhars today also in the form of If you sit near that Mukti Mandapam and meditate, you can get the blessings of Siddha.
Only a few of the Siddha who lived in Tiruvannamalai has got life peace. Others are in Arabic states. All of them insisted that they should go to Girivalam. We can see about Kugai Namasivayaar, which is praised among them.

Kugai Namasivaya was born in a town called Mallikarcunam in Karnataka. One day, Annamalaiyar appeared in his dream, called ′′ Come to Thiruvannamalai Accepting that, Namasivaya has started.

He departed with 300 of his disciples. Virupatchi Devar was the chief disciple. In a coming way, Namasivaya saw a marriage happening in a house. The family asked Namasivaya to bless him. Gave a tide to that house. The house caught fire when they coated the water. They thought Namasivaya’s arrival was the reason for the fire.


But, Namasivaya has brought back the burnt things by his grace. And then they reached the Garland. Kugai Namasivaya sent his disciples to pluck the flowers that were blossomed in the temple garden there. He garlanded the flowers and wore them to Shiva. The temple administrators expressed the objection that it is a crime to pluck the flower without asking the owner.

All the plucked flowers were worn for Shiva only. Namasivaya explained that not even a single flower was wasted. The temple administrators have challenged that if your word is true, will the flower garland worn for Shiva fall on your neck. Namasivaya also worshipped with devotion and worshiped with devotion saying that it is Namasivaya. Flower garland fell on the neck of Namasivaya so that everyone would be surprised.

This message reaches the other religious king who ruled the area, if it is true that vegetarian is the best of all religions, then do what I say! He ordered that. Vegetarian is the best time, Lord Shiva is the greatest God! Say that and show the well-dried iron! He said.

Namasivayaar to him, why should I do this for this, my disciple would do this with his eyes. Viruppatchi Devar who worshipped Sivapiran, saying Hail Lord Shiva, took the ripe iron in his hand and swallowed it by the grace of Lord Shiva, saying that this is also a ripe fruit. The king who saw this changed his mind and became a devotee of Shiva.

After some time, Namasivaya reached Thiruvannamalai with his disciples. He started living in a cave in Tiruvannamalai.

After that, he was named Kugai Namasivayaar. He cut four ponds for the disciples and himself to the bath. They were named as Thirumullaippal Theertham, Arutpal Theertham, Conch Theertham, Padatheertham.

Kugai Namasivayaar will come out of the cave every morning. He will peek around the mountain. Arunachal will hear loudly, ′′ Are you fine The mountain echoes ′′ Pleasure, Pleasure But he never got the darshan of Lord Shiva. Because of this, Kugai Namasivayar, who was depressed by this, one day, Arunachal, you alone be well.

Kugai Namasivaya sang many songs on Annamalaiyar. Annamalaiyar gave him the knowledge to write good poets and the power to sing venba. Arunagiri Andathi, Sarap Prabantham, Thiruvarunai Thani Venba, Annamalai Venba, etc are remarkable.
It was the daily work of Namasivaya to see Annamalaiyar and to build garlands for Pooja. Among his disciples, Virupatchi Devar and Guru Namasivaya are important.

One day, after seeing Annamalai, he was returning to the cave. Then a woman ran towards him crying. Swami! Save me from the absurd. My husband died suddenly. She fell on her feet saying, ′′ I am helpless without knowing the way to live I have no other support other than you.

Merciful cave Namasivayaar, don’t worry! Annamalaiyar will be with his support. Your husband will be alive by the grace of Lord Shiva. Go home in peace. He consoled and sent the way that everything will be fine. So, her husband was also alive. During the time of Kugai Namasivaya’s life, a deadly man named Nagit lived in Tiruvannamalai. He did atrocities with women coming to the temple.

The cave that got angry on seeing this Namasivaya, Jesus! He sang in the meaning of ′′ have you closed your forehead eyes and fell asleep?, After this, there was a disease called Rajapilavai on the back of Nakith. He survived the pain of the disease. Cave Namasivaya did many miracles like this.

There are many ideologies conducted by Kugai Namasivayar which has cured many diseases. He surprised everyone by giving life to a dead goat once. Immediately some people made a man act like a dead man, tied a pot and took him to Kugai Namasivaya. ′′ Sammy, he is dead. They asked in a mockery, ′′ Give him life as you gave life to the goat.

Immediately Kugai Namasivayar said, ′′ Yes……. He has died. Take it and bury it ′′ he said. They laughed when they heard this.

They said ′′ Hey wake up… God is lying… But the one who lay down in the pot did not wake up. He is really dead. After this incident, everyone conducted Kugai Namasivaya in Tiruvannamalai with fear.

Annamalaiyar’s fame spread in all four sides of the country through Kugai Namasivaya. Because of this, in order to make him special, even today, when Annamalaiyar street is roaming around, Kugai Namasivaya and Virupatchit Devar are roaming in separate teeth behind his chariot. Once Annamalaiyar said, ′′ My neck is paining when I turned back to see if Kugai Namasivaya is coming.

So let the cave Namasivaya go first he said. It is remarkable to go first in Urchava street tours, Kugai Namasivaya car. These are the example of the love shown by Annamalaiyar on Kugai Namasivaya. Once Kugai Namasivaya wanted to become a living life, Annamalaiyar extended his life for another 100 years.
At one point, Kugai Namasivayar decided that it is enough to live so far. Hence, he went to Annamalai and asked him to become a living life and to accept himself.

Annamalaiyar, Namasivaya for that… Everything is alright. Don’t you need an heir to perform pooja after your period? The person who said that you have passed away by being a bachelor without getting married, Namasivayar made an arrangement for getting married. From Srisailam, Kugai Namasivaya’s uncle’s daughter was invited and married both of them. For some time, the first heir was born to Kugai Namasivaya.

The heir was born as per the wish of Ethan! So, on the approval of Annamalaiyar, he died in the cave where he lived. Those who belong to him from his clan continue to worship him. In the songs he wrote, if you walk through a small street near the Annamalai Girivalam on the way to Thiruvannamalaiyar Temple, the back of the Annamalaiyar Temple, the Begopurath Street (the Ghost Tower Street is called Maruvi) A little royal tower at the center of the mountain. This is Kugai Namasivaya Swamis Jeeva Samadhi Temple.

If you walk from the base of the mountain for about ten minutes, you can reach the life peace of Kugai Namashivaya. Gurupooja is held every year on the day of the month of Karthigai, on the day of Chathurthi, the auspicious day of the star. It is remarkable that Gurupooja is held for Kugai Namasivaya after, On that day, Kugai Namashivayar worshipped some of the olaiccuvati written by his hand during Guru Pooja. The 18th heir of Kugai Namasivaya is now maintaining this life.

Tiruvannamalai The Place Where Siddhas Live | Cave Namasivaya Siddha

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