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TTD 2021 Srivari Brahmotsavam News

2021 Srivari Brahmotsavam:

TTD chairman YV Subbareddy announced that the 2021 Srivari Brahmotsavam would be held in solitude. He said the decision was taken on the Brahmotsav will be held in October with warnings from the Center in the wake of the corona calm. It is said that Srivari Brahmotsavam is performed without devotees. He said the corona was calm and the Center had issued warnings to remain vigilant for the next two to three months. That is why it was decided to hold the Srivari Brahmotsavam in solitude, he said.

In Thirumala, Swami is giving darshan to a limited number of devotees following the rules of Kovid. He said the overview token process will also be launched online in another week. Existing servers are not able to receive data speed .. Therefore, Geo consulted with them. TTD chairman YV Subbareddy said all arrangements were being made to make the Sarvadarshan tokens available to devotees soon.

TTD 2021 Srivari Brahmotsavam News

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