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TTD Sr Citizen, Physical Challenged Darshan, 2022

TTD Senior Citizen, Physical Challenged Darshan, Procedure, Time, Reporting Place, Online Booking.
This is really good news for old people and disabled people, TTD had revived this Darshan for old people. This article gives you complete details about Darshan for seniors including entry point, timings, instructions, Online Booking Process, etc. For this darshan, TTD had made special arrangements for the aged and physically handicapped pilgrims. Here, TTD offers a special quota for darshan and a special entry point for these pilgrims. TTD always tries to provide the best facilities for pilgrims entering Tirumala. The same had been proven again by this scheme. Devotees going to darshan should get a ticket at the said counter below.

In order to make it easier and safer for the elderly and physically handicapped to have Darshan, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has organized a special Darshan for people belonging to this category. People belonging to this category can benefit from this Darshan and can complete their Darshan in just 30 minutes. For more details call toll-free 18004254141 / 1800425333333

Tirumala Senior Citizen Eligibility Details:

Age Limit65 years and above
ID ProofAdhaar Card only allowed
Darshan Timings10:00 AM and 3:00 PM
Entry PointSupatham
Ticket CostFree
Booking Timings7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Tickets Quota10:00 AM slot – 700 tickets.
3:00 PM slot – 700 tickets.
Time Taken40 minutes-1 hour depending on the crowd
Ticket CounterVaikuntha Queue Complex, VQC-2 (Opposite S.V. Museum)
AccompanyOne person along with Senior Citizen. (If a Senior citizen is unable to work or stand without anyone’s help
RestrictionsOnly once in 90 days.
TTD Special Darshan Sr citizens & Physically Handicapped

Tirumala Senior Citizen Physically Disabled Ticket Booking Procedure:

  1. Must be over 65 years old for seniors subject to the production of their i.e identity document. Adhar card.
  2. If the husband or wife has reached the age of 65, their spouse will be allowed, subject to presentation of their ID i.e. Aadhaar card.
  3. People with different abilities must present a certificate of physical disability issued by the respective medical board along with their proof of identity i.e. Aadhaar card.
  4. Attendants will be allowed to be those over the age of 80.
    Patients with permanent health risks, such as open operation, kidney failure, cancer, paralysis, asthma, daiyalasis, will be able to present relevant medical records and Aadhaar card.
  5. On Friday and Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam day, tokens will be issued for 3:00 PM dharsan only.
    Once this darsan privilege is used, the next opportunity will be available after 90 days only.
  6. During this Darshan all other lines are stopped so that there will be no pressure from the crowd
    TTD has made arrangements like seating arrangements and sambar and curd rice, hot milk is served free of cost to people who wait in the lines.
  7. During this Darshan, all other lines are stopped, so there is no crowd pressure.
  8. Grandchildren under the age of 12 are permitted with grandparents at no ticket cost.
  9. Only a privileged person can stand in line. Friends or relatives are not allowed with the devotee.
  10. Electric buggies are available to drop off pilgrims at the counter from the parking area, as well as at the exit of the temple for the return.

Reporting Time & Place for Senior Citizen Physically Disabled at Tirumala:

Pilgrims wishing to participate in this Darshan must present themselves at the entrance near the Tirumala Nambi temple on Dakshin Mada street with their photo and an identity document.

Week DaysNo of TicketsSlotsDarshan Timings
Wednesday & Friday10001st3:00 PM
7001st10:00 AM
7002nd3:00 PM

TTD Sr Citizen Darshan Online Booking Process:

Procedure for booking senior tickets online: Here you can get details of booking senior tickets from the official website.

  • Open the TTD Seva Online official website using the link:
  • Select Differently abled quota:
    Select category whether it is differently abled or a senior citizen or Medical case.
  • Select a date from the calendar:
    (green indicates Available quota, Red indicates Quota is full, Blue indicates Quota not released)
  • Select the checkbox that you agree with the time slot:
    Select the Continue button.
  • Confirm the ticket:
    You will receive an email and message that your ticket has been confirmed.

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