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16 Forms of Akshara Sakthi | Akshara Sakthi 16 Avatars

16 Sanskrit vowels, called the “Aksharas”, emerge from Lord Shiva’s primeval Damaru (drum). Using 16 precisely selected Sanskrit letters with normal and drawn-out pronunciations in pairs, the Goddess is described in detail, conveying Her unique and distinctive features. This is clearly explained in the Siddha Sabara Thanthiram, a scripture that exemplifies the divine meditative verses with mysterious sacred forms.

Appearing from the verses, and deeply meditated upon by the Sages during great Yagnas and Homams, manifestations of the sixteen Akshara Sakthi of the Goddess are beautifully carved at the Vimana Tower of Sree Maha Mariamman. These sculptures represent a mystical visual expression from our ancient Vedic traditions.

1) Sree Aakarshinee Devi
2) Sree Aishwaryathmiga Devi
3) Sree Ajaamugi Devi
4) Sree Akshara Devi
5) Sree Anjana Devi
6) Sree Eeshini Devi
7) Sree Ela Devi
8) Sree Lathumbra Devi
9) Sree Lunjiga Devi
10) Sree Omkara Devi
11) Sree Owshatha Devi
12) Sree Rukaara Devi
13) Sree Ruthithayee
14) Sree Ukra Devi
15) Sree Urthvakeshi
16) Sree Yegabatha Devi

Sree Aakarshinee Devi Sree Aishwaryathmiga Devi Sree Ajaamugi Devi

Sree Akshara Devi Sree Anjana Devi Sree Eeshini Devi

Sree Ela Devi Sree Lathumbra Devi Sree Lunjiga Devi

Sree Omkara Devi Sree Owshatha Devi Sree Rukaara Devi

Sree Ruthithayee Sree Ukra Devi Sree Urthvakeshi

Sree Yegabatha Devi

16 Forms of Akshara Sakthi | Akshara Sakthi 16 Avatars

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