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2022 Chaitra Navratri Dates | Vasanta Navratri | Rama Navaratri

Chaitra Navratri is celebrated during the month of Chaitra. Chaitra Navratri is also known as Vasanta Navratri or Rama Navaratri. During these days, nine forms of Goddess Shakti are worshipped. This festival is celebrated especially in northern India with major celebrations and fairs are observed at Shakti temples. During this period, the Hindu New Year will also be celebrated at these days. First three days for Maa Durga the goddess of energy. Next three days for Goddess Lakshmi Devi the Goddess of Wealth. The last three days are worshiped for Goddess Saraswathi Devi the Goddess of Knowledge.

Chaitra Navratri 2022 Dates:

Day 1April 2 Ghatsthapana, Shailputri Puja
Day 2April 3 Dwitiya, Brahmacharini Puja
Day 3April 4 Tritiya, Chandraghanta Puja
Day 4April 5 Chaturthi, Kushmanda Puja
Day 5 April 6Panchami, Skandamata Puja
Day 6April 7 Shashthi, Katyayani Puja
Day 7April 8 Saptami, Kalaratri Puja
Day 8April 9 Ashtami, Sri Durga Ashtami, Sandhi Puja
Day 9 (Chaitra Navratri ends)April 10 Navami, Ram Navratri

Things to do on Chaitra Navratri Days:

  • Before Navratri, clean the house to welcome the goddess.
  • Wake up early morning before sunrise, take a bath and wear clean/fresh clothes.
  • Devotees who perform puja for nine days should observe the fast
  • Devotees should have Satvik food including fruits are allowed
  • Should not eat non-veg, onion and garlic during the fast
  • Learn about the festival by reading mythology and history books
  • Recite holy scriptures at home to maintain social distancing during this auspicious festival
  • Observe fast with films or listen to bhajans

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