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About Srivari Kalyana Utsavam – Wedding Ceremony For The Lord

About Srivari Kalyana Utsavam:

Sri Venkateswara Swami Kalyanotsavam is a special Seva of Lord Venkateswara Swamy. The Seva of Lord Venkateswara and Sri Lakshmi Devi with Padamvathi amma, known as Kalyanotsavam, are a function.

This Seva carrying out the statue of Utsava: Sri Malayappa Swamy and his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi. A prophet organizes the wedding and an archaka is sacred to obtain other customs in the name of the bridegroom. The wedding ceremony is stopped according to the rituals of Vaikhanasa Agama and is created with the Panchamurthi Puja. This is pursued by the narration of Vedic mantras and the pronunciation of the family line of wives and grooms. The idols of the Lord and their wives look at each other with a curtain. Once the priests have done the right things, the groom and the wives are allowed to see each other at the right time, as the screen is removed. This is followed by Mangala sutra dharana, Thalambralu, then the Lord and his companions are adorned with precious stones. The Seva period lasts about an hour.

Kalyana Utsavam

About Srivari Kalyana Utsavam Puja Materials:

1) Turmeric Powder 1 Packet
2) Kumkum 1 Packet
3) Sandalwood Paste / Powder 1 Packet
4) Agar Bathi (Incense sticks) 1 Packet
5) Camphor 1 Packet
6) Flowers 4 Bunches
7) Flower Garlands 4
8) Fruits 12 Bananas & 5 Variety fruits- 5 fruits for each variety
9) Beetle Leaves and nuts Approx 30
10) Coconut 5
11) Rice 4 kgs
12) Kalas vastram 1 Towel or 2 Yards fabric
13) Milk 1/4 liter
14) Sugar candy 1 Packet
15) Dates (Karjur) 1 Packet
17) Coins 40
18) Prasadam Rava Kesari
19) Dry Fruits Few
20) TiruMangalyam OR Mangalasutram 1
21) Baasikam 3

Other Puja Materials From Home:

Deepam (Lamp), Oil, MatchBox, Cotton Wicks.
Kalasam, Panchapatra and Uddharini, Small Trays 2 nos.
Big Trays 2 nos, Small Cups 5 nos.
Asirvada New Dresses, Blankets 2 nos (For Guest Seating).
1 Dhoti – size 9X5 for Lord Venkateshwara/Rama .
2 Sarees- Each 5 yard for Ammavarlu/Sita Devi.
Paper Napkins and paper Plates (Sufficient quantities).
Aluminium Foil.

About Srivari Kalyana Utsavam – Wedding Ceremony For The Lord

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