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Badshahi Ashur Khana History Hyderabad | Badshahi Ashurkhana

Badshshi Ashur Khana a hundred metres far away from the Naya Afghan unit bridge, opposite to the Madina building, there is a mourning house of the Qutub Shahis referred to as Badshahi Ashur Khana. It completely was designed by Muhammad Quli Qutb, the fifth Qutb Shahi king. This difficult homes one in each of the fine works of the Shahi kings.

In early seventeenth century, the walls of this difficult were embellished with multi-coloured tiles.
The Badshahi Ashur Khana has the name of its builder inside the central position and on the western wall. The within was embellished with exquisite enamel tile work throughout the reign of ruler Muhammad. Throughout the reign of ruler Abdullah Qutub sawyer the employment of standards (alams) throughout Moharrum, the Muslim month of mourning, was introduced. Later, throughout the same time, the Ashur Khana was redecorated.

These walls stand conjointly of the superb arts of the Shahi era you will be able to see in Hyderabad. These walls have a perfect mixture of middle-eastern hues, typical Indian colours and thus the Muslim art. The panels on the west wall are the liveliest with flaming alam containing Arabic script written inside the spherical.

Entry Fee: Kids: Rs. 10 Adults: Rs. 25

Darul Shifa,
Hyderabad – 500012.
Phone: 2779-2300.Badshahi Ashurkhana Hyderabad

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