Bhimavaram Mavullamma Ammavari Temple History, Timings, Poojas

Bhimavaram Sri Mavullamma Ammavari Temple Timings:
Morning: 5.00 am to 12.00 Noon
Evening: 1.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

Sri Jaganmatha Mavullamma Ammavari Temple is located in the town of Bhimavaram. Sri Mavullamma is the presiding deity of the temple. Colorful images and fascinating sculptures of several deities can be seen engraved on the walls inside the temple complex. The temple is constructed in the South Indian style of architecture.

Temple History:
It is believed that Jaganmatha Sri Mavullamma Ammavaru is the incarnation of Mahakali (goddess Shakthi). The goddess protects her devotees from evil spirits. There are several beliefs behind the history of the temple.

Even though people believe about the existence of the temple in the 12th century, the temple history is available only from the year 1880 AD. It is believed that Sri Mavullamma was emerged in Motupallivari Street, under a couple of Neem and Peepal trees.

As the place where the goddess appeared was rich in mango trees, the goddess was named “Mamilla amma”, which was subsequently converted into “Mavullamma”.

Bhimavaram Sri Mavullamma Ammavari Temple

It is also believed that people from neighbouring villages treated her as goddess of their own villages and hence she got the name ‘Mavullamma’ which means “Mother goddess of my own village”.
There is another story regarding the history of the temple. During the month of Vaishaka in the year 1880 A.D. Sri Mavullamma Ammavaru appeared in the dream of Sri Marella Machi Raju and Sri Grandhi Appanna and they were advised to build a temple at the place where they found her. As advised by the goddess they built the temple at the Sunday Market, which was previously known as Aidhu Lanterla Stambham.

During 1910 A.D. floods, the statue of Maullamma was partially damaged. Later on a sculptor named Tatavolu Naga Bhushanacharyulu from Kaalla village reinstated the statue to a pleasant peace form (Shanti Swaroopini) and placed the idols of Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda on the both sides of the entrance.

Every year in the Telugu month of “Jyesta” on “Paadyami” (new slender crescent moon day), devotees begin the celebration of a one month long Mavullamma Utsavam. Temple premises are decorated and illuminated and the celebration continues in a grand way. The Temple Committee and the local fruit and vegetable trader’s committee felicitate artists, musicians, and great celebrities of all walks of life.

With the auspicious blessings and grace of the goddess, there have been great developments in the area and the people live peacefully.

Poojas in Mavullamma Temple:
Early Morning Poojas: Bala Bhogam, Sahasra Kumkum Archana
Evening Poojas: Pancha Harati, Sahasra Namarchana and Vedaparayanam
Mavullamma Goddess will be decorated as Sakambari during Ashada Suddha Pournami.
In the annual festival (Jatara), Mavullamma is decorated with golden Saree.

Bheemavaram Mavullamma Temple Darsanam / Pooja Timings:

1) Temple opens at 5:00 AM
2) Ammavari Sarva Darshanam: 5.10 AM
3) Asttothara Pooja: 5.15 AM
4) Bala bogam: 5:50 AM
5) Panchaharathulu: 6:00 AM
6) Sahasranama Kumkuma Pooja: 9:00 AM
7) Avasara Nivedana: 10:00 AM
8) Rajabhoga Mahanivedana: 12:00 PM
9) Visranthi: 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM
10) Ammavari Vari Sarva Darshanam: 1:00 PM
11) Astothara Panchaharathi Pooja: 5.30 PM
12) Avasara Nivedana: 5.30 PM
13) Panchaharathulu: 6:00 AM
14) Chaturveda Svasthi: 6.15 PM
15) Sahasranama Kumkuma Pooja: 7:00 PM
16) Temple Close at 9:00 PM

Sri Mavullamma Ammavaru Temple Bhimavaram

Sevas and Daily Pooja’s at Bheemavaram Mavullamma Temple:

1) Sahasra Namarchana Rs.25.00
2) Ghatam Rs.10.00
3) Return Saree Charges Rs.10.00
4) Thulabharam Rs.50.00
5) Saswata Pooja Rs.1116.00
6) Ashtottara Pooja (to Vigneswara Swamy) Rs.10.00
7) Nithya Pooja (to Vigneswara Swamy) Rs.30.00
8) Dasara Sahasra Namarchana Rs.250.00
9) Dasara Special Pooja Rs.500.00
10) Nithya Pooja (Monthly once) Rs.50.00
11) laksha kumkuma Archana (Monthly once) Rs.1116.00
12) Chandi Homam for every Pournami Rs.516.00
13) Nithya Pooja (Yearly once as mentioned by the Devotee) Rs.500.00

Vehicle Pooja:
Cycle Pooja Rs.10.00
Two Wheeler Pooja Rs.50.00
Auto, Lorry, Van Rs.100.00

Festivals Celebrated in Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple:
1) Sri Mavullamma Ammavari Jatara
2) Ugadi
3) Jestamasa Jatara
4) Shakambari Utsavalu
5) Ganapathi Navratri
6) ఆశ్వయుజ మాసంలో శరన్నవ రాత్రులు
7) Ammavari Mandala Deekshadarana Pooja

Mavullamma Temple Distance:
From Hyderabad 406 km via Tadepalligudem.
From Chennai 587 km via Nellore – Kavali – Ongole.
From Vijayawada 136 km via Tadepalligudem.
From Visakhapatnam 265 km via Rajahmundry – Nidadavolu – Tadepalligudem.

Bhimavaram Mavullamma Temple Address:
Sri Mavullamma Ammavari Temple,
West Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh – 534201.

Office Phone: 08816-239505/ 232598.