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Bibhishanagita from Sri Ramacharitamanas Lyrics in Tamil with Meaning

Dharmarathagita from Shri Ramacharitamanas in Tamil:

॥ பி³பீ⁴ஷணகீ³தா அத²வா த⁴ர்மரத²கீ³தம்ʼ ராமசரிதமானஸ ஸே ॥

ராவனு ரதீ² பி³ரத² ரகு⁴பீ³ரா । தே³கி² பி³பீ⁴ஷன ப⁴யஉ அதீ⁴ரா ।
அதி⁴க ப்ரீதி மன பா⁴ ஸந்தே³ஹா । ப³ந்தி³ சரன கஹ ஸஹித ஸனேஹா । 1 ।
நாத² ந ரத² நஹிம்ʼ தன பத³ த்ரானாம்ʼ । கேஹி பி³தி⁴ ஜிதப³ பீ³ர ப³லவானா ।
ஸுனஹு ஸகா² கஹ க்ருʼபாநிதா⁴னா । ஜேஹிம்ʼ ஜய ஹோஇ ஸோ ஸ்யந்த³ன ஆனா । 2 ।
ஸௌரஜ தீ⁴ரஜ தேஹி ரத² சாகா । ஸத்ய ஸீல த்³ருʼஃட³ த்⁴வஜா பதாகா ।
ப³ல பி³பே³க த³ம பரஹித கோ⁴ரே । ச²மா க்ருʼபா ஸமதா ரஜு ஜோரே । 3 ।
ஈஸ ப⁴ஜனு ஸாரதீ² ஸுஜானா । பி³ரதி சர்ம ஸந்தோஷ க்ருʼபானா ।
தா³ன பரஸு பு³தி⁴ ஸக்தி ப்ரசண்டா³ । ப³ர பி³க்³யான கடி²ன கோத³ண்டா³ । 4 ।
அமல அசல மன த்ரோன ஸமானா । ஸம ஜம நியம ஸிலீமுக² நானா ।
கவச அபே⁴த³ பி³ப்ர கு³ர பூஜா । ஏஹி ஸம பி³ஜய உபாய ந தூ³ஜா । 5 ।
ஸகா² த⁴ர்மமய அஸ ரத² ஜாகேம்ʼ । ஜீதன கஹம்ˮ ந கதஹும்ˮ ரிபு தாகேம்ʼ । 6 ।

Vibhiahana was disconcerted when he saw Ravana mounted on a chariot and the Hero of Raghu’s line without any. His great fondness for the Lord filled his mind with diffidence, and bowing to his feet he spoke with a tender heart: ‘My Lord, You have no chariot nor any protection either for Your body (in the shape of armour) or for Your feet (in the shape of shoes). How, then, can You expect to conquer this mighty hero?’ `Listen, friend:’ replied the All-merciful, ‘the chariot which leads one to victory is quite another. Valour and fortitude are the wheels of that chariot, while truthfulness and good conduct are its enduring banner and standard. Even so strength, discretion, self-control and benevolence are its four horses, that have been joined to the chariot with the cords of forgiveness, compassion and evenness of mind. Adoration of God is the expert driver; dispassion, the shield and contentment, the sword. Again, charity is the axe; reason, the fierce lance and the highest wisdom, the relentless bow. A pure and steady mind is like a quiver; while quietude and the various forms of abstinence (Yamas) and religious observances (niyamas) are a sheaf of arrows. Homage to the Brahmanas and to one’s own preceptor is an impenetrable coat of mail; there is no other equipment for victory as efficacious as this. My friend, he who owns such a chariot of piety shall have no enemy to conquer anywhere.’ (1-6)

மஹா அஜய ஸம்ʼஸார ரிபு ஜீதி ஸகஇ ஸோ பீ³ர ।
ஜாகேம்ʼ அஸ ரத² ஹோஇ த்³ருʼஃட³ ஸுனஹு ஸகா² மதிதீ⁴ர । 80 (க) ।
ஸுனி ப்ரபு⁴ ப³சன பி³பீ⁴ஷன ஹரஷி க³ஹே பத³ கஞ்ஜ ।
ஏஹி மிஸ மோஹி உபதே³ஸேஹு ராம க்ருʼபா ஸுக² புஞ்ஜ । 80 (க²) ।

`Listen, O friend of resolute mind: the hero who happens to be in possession of such a strong chariot can conquer even that mighty and invincible foe, attachment to the world.’ Hearing the Lord’s words, Vibhishana clasped His lotus feet in joy. `You have utilized this opportunity to exhort me, O Rama, an embodiment of grace and bliss that You are.’ (80 A-B)

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Bibhishanagita from Sri Ramacharitamanas Lyrics in Tamil with Meaning

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