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Evenements & Ekadasi 2023 ISKCON Montreal

ISKCON Montreal is a spiritual center located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is a worldwide organization that promotes the practice of bhakti yoga, which involves the worship of Lord Krishna. The Montreal center is one of the many ISKCON centers located all around the world.

History of ISKCON Montreal

Iskcon Montreal

ISKCON Montreal was founded in the 1970s by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON. Since its establishment, the center has been a hub for spiritual activities in Montreal. It has attracted people from all walks of life who are interested in the practice of bhakti yoga.

Activities at ISKCON Montreal

ISKCON Montreal offers a wide range of spiritual activities that cater to people of all ages. Some of the activities that take place at the center include:

  1. Kirtans and Bhajans: These are devotional songs that are sung in praise of Lord Krishna. They are performed regularly at the center, and anyone can participate in them.
  2. Japa Meditation: This is a form of meditation where one chants the Hare Krishna mantra on beads. ISKCON Montreal offers regular japa meditation sessions for those who are interested.
  3. Sunday Feast: Every Sunday, the center hosts a Sunday feast program where devotees and guests gather to hear talks on the philosophy of Krishna consciousness, participate in kirtans and bhajans, and enjoy a vegetarian feast.
  4. Bhagavad Gita Study: ISKCON Montreal offers regular Bhagavad Gita study sessions where participants can learn about the teachings of Lord Krishna.
  5. Festival Celebrations: The center celebrates various festivals throughout the year, including Janmashtami, Radhastami, and Diwali.
  6. Yoga Classes: ISKCON Montreal also offers yoga classes for those who are interested in practicing yoga as a form of exercise.

Evenements 2023 ISKCON Montreal

27SundayJanuarySri Advaita Appearance
2ThursdayFebruarySri Nityananda Appearance
10FridayFebruaryBhaktisiddhanta App
6MondayMarchGaura Purnima
30ThursdayMarchRama Navami
4ThursdayMayNrsimha Caturdasi
17SaturdayJuneBhaktivinoda Disappearance
1SaturdayJulySnana Yatra
8-9Sat-SunJulyRatha Yatra, Parc Jeanne Mance
Panihati Festival TBA
27-30Sun-TueAugustJhulana Yatra
30TuesdayAugustSri Balarama Jayanti
2-4Sat-MonSeptemberFestival Prabhupada
6WednesdaySeptemberSri Krishna Janmastami
7ThursdaySeptemberSrila Prabhupada App
27WednesdaySeptemberBhaktivinoda Thakur App
29MondayOctoberKartikka starts
13MondayNovemberGovardhana Puja
16ThursdayNovemberPrabhupada Disap
23ThursdayNovemberGaura Kisora Disapp
26SundayNovemberKartikka finale
Sri Tulasi Vivaha
Souper Annuel (TBA)
22FridayDecemberBhagavad Gita Jayanti
30SaturdayDecemberBhaktisiddhanta Disapp

2023 Ekadasi ISKCON Montreal

1SundayJanuaryPutrada Ekadasi
18WednesdayJanuarySat-tila Ekadasi
31TuesdayJanuaryBhaimi Ekadasi
3FridayMarchAmalaki Vrata Ekadasi
17FridayMarchPapamocani Ekadasi
1SaturdayAprilKamada Ekadasi
15MondayMayApara Ekadasi
31WednesdayMayNirjala Ekadasi
13TuesdayJuneYogini Ekadasi
29ThursdayJuneSayana Ekadasi
13ThursdayJulyKamika Ekadasi
29SaturdayJulyPadmini Ekadasi
11FridayAugustParama Ekadasi
27SundayAugustPavitropana Ekadasi
10SundaySeptemberAnnada Ekadasi
25MondaySeptemberParsva Ekadasi
10TuesdayOctoberIndira Ekadasi
24TuesdayOctoberPasankusa Ekadasi
8WednesdayNovemberRama Ekadasi
23ThursdayNovemberUtthana Ekadasi
8FridayDecemberUtpanna Ekadasi


1626 Boul. Pie-IX,
H1v 2C5
514 521 1301

Evenements & Ekadasi 2023 ISKCON Montreal

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