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How to Perform Sri Narasimha Swamy Vratham

In Kaliyug to receive the grace of the Lord Narasimha, this Vratha is the easiest means. As soon as one performs this vratham any kind of difficulties will vanish. This vratha that was told by Lord Narasimha himself is very easy to perform. Anyone can perform this vratham anywhere. When one does not have mental peace, have financial / health problems or any other kind of issues all their difficulties can be overcome by performing this vratham. Also if one is performing any auspicious ceremonies (Housewarming, marriages, starting education etc) one can do this vratham. Immediate positive results can be seen if the vratham is performed to improve one’s job or business prospects.

This vratham can be done at any time. If it is performed in months of Magha, Vaishaka, Sravana, Karthika, Margasira months or on Dasami, Ekadasi, Pournami or during the days of stars Poorva palguni, Swathi or Shravana, the results are more evident. One can do this vratham either in the morning or evening. This vratham has 5 stories. The vratham can be done in one’s own home, rented house, temple or holy place or on the banks of a river.

Lord Narasimha Swamy

If a person performs this vratham with devotion and dedication, the Lord himself will come in some form or other to partake the Prasadam.

The other important thing that the Lord himself said is that if one cannot perform the vratham so elaborately due to financial or any other constraints, then they can perform it alone in their house. As far as possible invite friends and relatives while performing the vratham. The place where the vratham would be performed should be first cleaned. Then arrange a mandap and keep the photo of Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy along with a Kalasam (Small tumbler of water with a coconut on top.).

Pray to the Lord Vinayaka made of turmeric powder that the vratham should be completed successfully. Then pray to the Navagrahas (nine planets) and Ashtha dikpalakas (8 gods governing the directions) in your mind. All the five stories have to read to complete the vratham. Sitting in front of the photo of the Lord first pray to Lord Vigneshwara. Then pray to the
Navagrahas and Ashtha dikpalakas. In a tray keep some tulsi leaves, coconut and some fruits and flowers. Do Namaskaram to the Lord and read the stories in the mind. Once the stories are read then offer the coconut, fruits and flowers to the Lord. Partaking the offering will help overcome the difficulties faced by the devotee.

Those who can afford, can break a coconut after every story. Dahlia or Semolina mixed with sugar can be offered as naivedyam. Pulihora is another naivedyam that is dear to Lord Narasimha.

The Lord loves tulsi leaves a lot. To maximise the benefits of the vratham, offer tulsi leaves during the prayer. On completeion of the vratham these tulsi leaves can be distributed as prasadam. Devotees will be blessed with good health, wealth and prosperity. Once the vratham is completed break the coconut and distribute it along with the prasadam.

When possible perform this vratham in an elaborate way by establishing the Kalasam. If it is not possible then it can be performed in a simple manner.

One thing everyone must remember. No one knows all our difficulties except for our Lord. Hence pray to the merciful Lord to remove all the difficulties. He will definitely bless his devotees with prosperity.

How to Perform Sri Narasimha Swamy Vratham

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