Hinduism Perspective Sivapuranam

Hymn XLVI Sivapuranam Tirupadai Ezhuchi The Sacred March Translation in English

Strike the sounding drum of the Guru, Wielder of wisdom’s sword;
Spread the white canopy over the Guru, Who mounts the charger of heaven;
Enter and take to you armour of ashes, fragrant, divine;
Possess we the heavenly fortress, where hosts of illusion come not ! || 4 ||

Servants of His,- march on in the van; ye Devout ones,- move on the flanks;
Ye Sages of power illustrious,- come fill up the swelling ranks;
Ye Mystics of strength unfailing,- advance and close up the rear:
We shall rule the heavenly land, no hosts of evil for ever to fear ! || 8 ||

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