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Hymn XLVII Sivapuranam Tiruvenba The Sacred Venba Translation in English

This purports to have been composed immediately after his return to Perun-turrai, when he was hoping for speedy consummation, but felt impatient.

1) How shall I endure this state of imperfection?
What shall I do while twofold deeds’ fierce flame burns still out,-
Nor doth the body melt,- nor falsehood fall to dust ?
In mind no union gained with the ‘Red Firs’s honey’

The Lord of Perun-turrai fair ! || 4 ||

2) How employ the weary time of waiting?
Shall I cry out, or wail, or dance, or sing, or watch?
O Infinite, what shall I do? The Sire Who fills
With rapturous amaze,- great Perun-turrai’s Lord

Let all with me bending adore ! || 8 ||

3) The wonder of his conversion.
No sense of fault had I ! Nor of refreshment knew.
In safety’s path, by worship at His roseate feet.
He stood on earth, His dart shot forth, and to my thought

Linked Himself;- Perun-turrai’s Lord ! || 12 ||

4) He came in grace.
He stood before me, rooting out my ‘twofold deeds,’-
The mighty Ruler Who at last shall cut off ‘birth’;
Lord of the south; in Perun-turrai great in grace,

Who dwells; Balm of all human woes ! || 16 ||

5) Praise superfluous.
To them that know what word can praise the King? – Him, Who
All worlds brought forth, Whom Vedic god and Mal knew not;
The mighty Lord, Whose seat is Perun-turrai’s shrine;-

In me to-day, and evermore ! || 20 ||

6) The bliss of His advent.
He filled with frenzy; set me free from ‘births’; my soul
With speechless fervours thrilled,- blest Perun-turrai’s Lord,-
The Sire in grace exceeding made me His; the balm

For all my pain; the deathless BLISS ! || 24 ||

7) Leading and light.
He showed the realm where ‘births’ return no more; He came
In grace that no requital knows, Ambrosia sating not !
This is the light diffus’d within my thought by Him,

The Lord of Perun-turrai’s shrine ! || 28 ||

8) Condescending love.
Glorious, exalted over all, the Infinite,-
To me mere slave, lowest of all, Thou hast assigned
A place in bliss supreme, that none beside have gained or known !

Great Lord, what can I do for Thee? || 32 ||

9) Unparalleled gift.
The three, the thirty-three, all other gods beside
See Thee not, Civan, mighty Lord ! Riding the steed
Hither descending didst Thou come. When at Thy foot

I lowly bow, bliss thrills my frame ! || 36 ||

10) Be not afraid to ask of Him.
Soul, ponder His twain feet Who here made me His own !
Beg for HIs grace ! Behold, He will give all,- the King
Who grace bestows,- Whose seat is Perun-turrai’s shrine,-

Dwelling ambrosial in my soul ! || 40 ||

11) Light and love from His indwelling.

He hath increased delight, hath darkness banished,
For aye cut off afflictions’ clinging bond, and light
Of love hath given,- the Lord of Perun-turrai great,

Well pleased to make my heart His home ! || 44 ||

Hymn XLVII Sivapuranam Tiruvenba The Sacred Venba Translation in English

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