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Khairat Khan’s Tomb, Khairati Khan’s Tomb Hyderabad

The tomb is situated in Sultan Shahi area of Goulipura. It is believed that Khairat Khan Sar Naubat worked as an ambassador for the Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah VII to the Persia. He died in the year 1655. Tomb constructed on the square platform with steps as a memory of Khairat Khan.

Tomb used to architect in the style of Qutb Shahi and constructed with lime mortar and stone with minarets. For the external decoration there are jaali panels on the walls of Tomb. It is also believed that this belongs to the ruling period of Hyderabad dynastic rulers and it is still the iconic structure and the wall of this tomb explains about the hard work of the workers of Qutb Shahi era.

How to Reach:
Goulipura is situated at 2kms distance far from charminar and can reach easily by road. The Hyderabad cit is well connected from different parts of India through air ways, railways and road ways. The capital of Telangana is Hyderabad.Khairat Khan’s Tomb

Khairat Khan’s Tomb, Khairati Khan’s Tomb Hyderabad

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