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Kothapet Ashtalakshmi Temple Daily Worship

Daily worship in Kothapet Ashtalakshmi Temple:

Both Lord Narayana and Sri Lakshmi, by virtue of being the creators of the universe, are worshipped in the Ashtalakshmi temple. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in 8 forms. This worship is enhancing the greatness of the temple. The description of the different types of worship is as follows:

  1. Daily, the worship starts with the Suprabhatha Seva, early in the morning.
  2. Different types of worship.
  3. Daily, Kunkumaarchana (worship with saffron powder) is done.
  4.  Abhishekam.
  5. Worship of the cow.
  6. Homam.
  7. Mangalaasaasanams (good wishes of devotees and holy people for the protection of God from evil ).
  8. Worship of the 8 deities with the recitation of the Vedic charms.
  9. Every special worship starts with Kunkumaarchana.
  10. Every Friday, collective Kunkumaarchana, Puja with flowers of gold, and Abhishekam for Lord Narayanan and Sri Adhilakshmi.
  11. Once every month, on the day of the star Uttharaphalguni, Abhishekam is done for the 8 deities.
  12. Worship of Lord Ganapathi is done every month, on the day of the 1st Chavithi (Suddha Chavithi,i.e.the 4th day of the lunar month).
  13.  every day in the morning, the cow which is the embodiment of all the deities receives the darshan of Goddess Lakshmi.
  14. On the full moon day, special worship is done according to the Vedic tradition, with the recitation of the Sri Suktham. As such the temple reverberates with the chanting of the Vedic charms.
Kothapet Ashtalakshmi Temple Daily Worship

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