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Krishna Pushkara Ghats in Nalgonda 2016 Telangana Tourism

2016 Krishna Pushkaram will start on August 12th. Krishna Pushkaram will be for 12 days ie: from 12th August to 23rd August 2016.

Nalgonda District Pushkara Ghats

Nalgonda Ghat NameGhat Address
Kasarajpally Pushkar GhatKasarajpally Village, Chandampet Mandal
Peddamunagala Pushkar GhatPedda Munigal Village, Chandampet Mandal
Azmapuram Pushkar GhatAzmapuram Village, PA Pally Mandal
Ootlapally Pushkar GhatOotlapally Village, Peddavoora Mandal
Hanuman Temple GhatNear R&B Bridge, Chinthalapalem, Peddavoora Mandal
Shivalayam GhatShivalayam Temple, Peddavoora Mandal
Adavidevulapally GhatAdavidevulapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Mudhimanikyam GhatMudimanikyam, Damaracherla Mandal
Irikigudem GhatIrkigudem, Damaracherla Mandal
Ayyappa Temple GhatAyyappa Swamy Temple, Wadapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Old Cement Road GhatOld Cement Road, Wadapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Mudhiraj Rev GhatMudhiraju revu, Wadapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Old Police Station GhatOld Police Station Road, Wadapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Metlarevu GhatMetla revu, Wadapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Laxmipuram GhatLamxipuram revu, Wadapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Shivalayam GhatShivalayam Ghat, Wadapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Shivalayam VIP GhatShivalayam VIP Ghat, Wadapally
Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple GhatNarsimha Swamy Temple, Wadapally, Damaracherla Mandal
Mahankaligudem GhatMahankali Gudem, Nereducherla mandal
Balaji Ghat 1Balaji Ghat, Mattampally Mandal
Balaji Ghat 2Balaji Ghat, Mattampally Mandal
Balaji Ghat 3Balaji Ghat, Mattampally Mandal
Markandaya GhatMarkendeya Ghat Bridge L/s Bridge R/s, Mattampally Mandal
Prahalada GhatMattampally
Buggamadaram GhatBuggamadharam, Mellacheruvu Mandal
Vajinepally GhatVajinepally, Mellacheruvu Mandal
Kistapuram GhatKistapuram, Mellacheruvu Mandal
Chaya Someshwara Temple GhatChaya Someshwara Alayam, Panagal, Nalgonda
Crocodile Zone/ Deyyalagandi GhatDeyyalagandi

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