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Mahakaleshwar Accommodation, Ujjain

Ujjain, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in India, particularly known for the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga temple. With a large influx of devotees every year, the city has a range of accommodation options, including hotels and rest houses.

The hotels in Ujjain offer comfortable and affordable stays, with a variety of room options to suit different budgets. Many of them are located in close proximity to the temple, making it convenient for devotees to visit.

For those looking for a more traditional stay, there are several rest houses in Ujjain that offer a glimpse into the local culture and customs. These rest houses are often run by local families and offer simple but comfortable rooms with basic amenities.

Overall, whether you’re a budget traveler or seeking a more traditional experience, Ujjain offers a range of accommodation options to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable during your visit to Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga temple. Below are some of them

Ujjain Mahakaleshwar Accommodation

Rest House (L. N. V.) – 2516505
Rest House Forest Dept. – 2521210
Guest House Tilhan – 2560605
Guest House M.P.V.M. – 2551483
Guest House L.S.Y. – 2551576
Yatrika Hotel – 2551139
Hotel Surya – 2560747
Hotel Ajay – 2550856
Hotel Ayodhya – 2551102
Hotel Atlas –2560473
Grand Hotel –2560942
Hotel Ramkrishna –2557012
Shipra Hotel –2551495, 2551496
Gujrati Samaj Dharmshala, Nankheda –2510783
Digambar Jain Dharmshala,Namakmandi –2557746
Dhadak Samaj Dharmshala, Anantpet –2554229
Shreeji Lodge –2561335, 2560077
Madhuri Hall, Teenbatti Chowk, Madhav Club Road –2514675
Mahakaal Dharmshala Pravachan Hall, Harsiddhi –2551714
Panch Oswal Badesaath Dharmshala, Nayapura –2557838
Patidar Kadva Kulmi Samaj Dharmshala, Kushalpura –2561137
Meena Samaj Dharmshala, Kajipur –2558612
Sankhyaraje Dharmshala Station Road –2552327
Shree Dashanima Panchayati Dharmshala, Ksheersagar –2557586
Scindhi Sakkar Panchayat Dharmshala, Bhagasipurabel –2553073
Faganiya Mangalik Bhavan, Amarsinhamarg –2514803
Yadav Dharmshala, Mahakaal Ground –2552511
Sheetal Rest House, Gaughat –2551576
Alakhadham Dharmshala,Friganj –2561194
Anis Villa, Devas Road –2514222
Agrasen Parisar, Ramghat –2555316
Kelakar Parisar, Bahadurghanj –2554194
Mahaveer Jain Dharmshala, Navipeth –2550353
Hotel Kabir –2559161
Chaturvedi Dharmshala, Bhagasipura –2561580
Hotel Vikram –2562220
Darji’s Dharmshala, Brahmangali ––
Hotel Shreemaya –2515362
Jain Dharmashala, Doodh Talai –2555227
Agrawal Panchayat Dharmashala, Golamandi –2554716
Gujrati Samaj Dharmshala, Nankheda –2553511
Gujrati Samaj Dharmshala, Navi Sadak –2550683
Jaisawal Dharmshala, Nikas Chowk –2550459
Bombaywalas Dharmashala, Ramghat Road. –2554015
Meda Kshatriya Samaj Swarnakar Dharmshala, Dhaba Road –2559943
Mewada Kalal Hehya Kshatriya Samaj Malavi 21, Narayanpura –2557838
Parasram Puriya Dharmshala,Kotwali Road –2554363
Parinaya Mangal Parisar Ankpat Marg Nikas –2550459
Rajput Dharmashala, Anantpet –2552327
Shreeram Dharmshala, Station Road –2552385
Sreeram Mandir Dharmshala, 24 Kambha Marg –2551396
Shree Sainath Dharmshala Magalik Bhavan, Rajendranagar –2513832
Gokul Hall, Opp. Control Room –2559963
Vidhyanagar Community Hall, Vidhyanagar –2515719

Mahakaleshwar Accommodation, Ujjain

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