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Makara Jyothi

14 January 2015 Sabarimala: Makara Jyothi at Sabarimala is the most famous event for many ayyappa devotees. Makara Jyothi is usually celebrated on January 14th. Thiruvabharanam or the sacred jewels of the Lord, which is presented by the Pandalam king, arrives at Sabarimala in three boxes. On the arrival of these boxes the whole mountain resounds to the chanting of ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ by millions of devotees gathered at Sabarimala to watch Makara Jyothi event. The Thiruvabharanam box is still a private property of the Pandalam royal family. These jewels boxes starts its journey two days before Makara Jyothi day from Pandalam.

makara-jyothi The person who carries the box dances in a peculiar trance. Thiruvabharanam box travels through Valiakoikkal Sastha temple at Pandalam,  Ayiroor Puthia Kavu Temple, Perunattil temple, Vlakkai, Nilaikkal Siva temple, Vellachimala, Pamba and Sabari Peedam before reaching at Sannidhanam around 6.00 PM on the Makara Jyothi day.  A Garuda fallows the Thiruvabharanam boxes as if to guard them.

On reaching the Sannidhanam the Melshanthi and Thandhri receive the sacred jewels amidst the thundering echoes of Sarana ghosham.

The Thiruvabharanam box contains a diamond crown, golden bracelets, necklaces and a sword. The priests adorn the Lord with these and perform arathi.

At the same moment a brilliant light of amazing magnificence appears in the northeastern side to the temple at the opposite mountain in a place called Kantamala (the home of devas and rishis). It is believed that this brilliant flame of light is the arathi performed by the rishis and the devas. This event marks the culmination of the pilgrimage to Sabarimala.sabarimala

Makara Jyothi

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