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Mantra to Chant Before Studying | Prayer for a Happy Living Lyrics in Sanskrit with Meaning

Chant this Mantra Before Studying either Secular or Religious texts:

Saraswati namastubhyam varade kaamaroopini
vidyaarambham karishyaami siddhirbhavatu me sadaa

Sanskrit to English Word Meaning:

saraswati- o saraswatI ; namastubhyam- bow(namah) to you (tubhyam); varadegiver of boons (vara); kaamaroopiNi = giver of form/shape to desire (kama); vidhyaarambham = start of (Aarambham) studies (vidyaa); karishyaami = I will do; siddhirbhavatu = accomplishments (siddhih) may happen (bhavatu); me sadaa = always (sadaa) mine (me)


My salutations to Goddess Saraswathi, the bestower of boons and the fulfiller of my wishes. I begin my studies seeking your blessings so that I shall always be successful.

Brief Explanation:

Goddess Saraswati is considered as the supreme goddess for learning & knowledge. Hence it‟s customary to start one‟s studies by chanting this shloka.

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