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Mars Planet Effects of Kuja Dosha

Effects of Kuja Dosha according to the placement of Planet Mars:

1st house — Divorce, disturbed family life etc.
2nd house — Family and happiness, Harsh speech, misunderstanding among partners.
4th house — Childhood and its experiences Aggression, disturbed domestic life, frequent quarrels.
7th house — Marriage and Partner Differences with spouse
8th house — Welfare of the spouse Early death of spouse, accidents, problems with in-laws.
12th house — Conjugal happiness between couples Animosity and distrust in marriage. Daily life becomes very difficult.

Mars Planet Effects

1) Compatibility of both charts of male and female are to be studied precisely and required remedy is to be done to pacify Planet Mars before marriage for success of a marriage.
2) It is believed that those who had in previous lifetimes ill treated their life partners would incur this dosha.
3) How to Overcome or reduce Kuja Dosha effects
4) Person with Kuja dosha, it is usually advisable to enter into marriage after the age of 28. The intensity of the dosha comes down after 28th age.
4) In many cases, if both partners have kuja dosha, then it is advisable to marry as it is said to negate and balance the negative energies of this planet.
5) Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa is the best remedy for this dosha.
6) Reciting Subrahmanya Bhujanga Sthothram is als best to reduce the effect of Mars.
7) Fasting on Tuesdays and offering prayers to Planet Mars would help reduce the intensity of the dosha.

Mars Planet Effects of Kuja Dosha

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