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Mississauga Satchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sainath Maharaj Temple

Baba’s idol, identical to his idol in Shirdi was sculpted by Rajiv Talim, grandson of Balaji Talim, who sculpted Baba’s Shirdi idol, in the same Mumbai studio where Baba’s Shirdi idol was made. The idol has arrived in Canada and is in safe custody in the new Temple. It is to be noted that Baba’s idol in Shirdi is of Italian marble. So is this idol.

The Temple is 6300 sqft and is at Unit 26, 173 Advance Blvd, Brampton, Ontario Canada L6T 4Z7.

Baba will be seated on a grand darbar 15 ft by 15 ft just like in Shirdi. The main floor will comprise of a large worship area & amenities such as a large coat & shoe rack, hand & foot wash, an IT room, a water softener & water heater exclusive for Baba’s Abhishek. The Mezzanine will include a gallery & meditation hall where Baba’s current idol will be installed in a custom-built Dwarkamai. Additionally, the mezzanine floor will include a commercial-grade kitchen, a staff room & a laundry room exclusively for Baba’s towels

The Temple has strenuously ensured that everything in the new Temple is compliant with the building code. Every inch of the Temple has been planned in utmost detail.

We are leaving no stones unturned to build the grandest Temple for Sai Baba in Canada and to present His Devotees with the most wonderful and joyous Temple experience.

Mississauga Sai Temple Vastra:

In His present temple, Baba’s shawl measures 6 feet by 3 feet. His headdress is an 18-inch by 18-inch square folded diagonally into a triangle. Her scarf is about 6 feet long. The Temple prefers simple, solid-colored cotton fabrics, with no embroidery or handwork. If you have a reservation for Baba’s Abhishek in His current Temple, it is not compulsory to bring Vastra.

Mississauga Sai Temple Paduka:

Devotees may take Baba’s Paduka home for a week from Thursday at 6:00 PM to the following Thursday at 3:00 PM. To book Paduka please call 416-804-5496
Mississauga Satchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sainath Maharaj Temple

Mississauga Sai Temple Naivedhya:

  • Devotees are encouraged to bring only easy-to-distribute fruits such as Mangoes, Apples, Oranges, Bananas. Nuts, Hard Candies, Candies and Dried Fruits will only be issued when delivered in individual take-out packages.
  • Items like Khichdi (Pongal), Kheer (Payasam) and sticky sweets like Gulab Jamun and Rasagola are to be taken home by devotees after being offered to SaiBaba and will not be distributed in the temple.
  • The prepared Naivedhya items like the sweets, if not homemade, should have only been purchased from a vegetarian store. Naivedhya items must not contain any non-vegetarian ingredients (including eggs) Please do not bring large quantities.
  • Devotees interested in bringing items like roti and liquid items like dal can do so in their own utensils. When offering them to Baba, the devotees should collect these items and they will not be distributed in the Temple.
  • The Temple does not accept raw food items such as grains, pulses or sugar.
  • Please consult the Temple staff for specific raw food items that you may offer to the Temple.

Mississauga Shirdi Sai Temple Timings: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Thursday: 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Mississauga Shirdi Temple Thursday Aarthi Timings:

Kakad Aarthi – 9:15 AM
Madhyan Aarthi – 12:00 Noon
Dhoop Aarthi – 7:00 PM
Shej Aarthi – 8:00 PM

Mississauga Shirdi Temple Aarthi Timings:

Kakad Aarthi – 9:15 AM
Madhyan Aarthi – 12:00 Noon
Dhoop Aarthi – 7:00 PM
Shej Aarthi – 7:40 PM

Satchidananda Shirdi Maharaj Mandir Do Nots:

  • Do not leave broken idols and torn pictures in the Temple. Doing so causes a lot of burden to the Temple.
  • Do not bring things to the Temple without asking us. The Temple may not need these items. Moreover, space is limited. Should devotees donate things in kind without consulting the Temple first, the Temple will dispose of the things as the Temple deems fit.
  • Do not bring large quantities of bhog/naivedhya or raw food materials. Visit the Naivedhya section.
  • Do not take charge of tasks such as managing lines or distributing prasad unless you have been explicitly asked by the Administration to do so.
  • Do not bring garlands for Baba without consulting us first. Since Baba’s idol is made of sensitive marble, there are restrictions on Baba’s Alankar.
  • Do not bring incense sticks. We have an adequate stock of incense sticks. Furthermore, we will be burning incense only on a limited basis.
  • Do not buy precious items for Baba without consulting us first. There are specific requirements for donation in kind.
  • Do not solicit. The Temple has a strict no-solicitation policy. Do not distribute materials such as business cards and calendars. Do not promote your personal or business interests in the Temple.
  • Do not offer religious or astrological advice in the Temple.
  • The Temple is meant to facilitate special, personal and intimate communion with Baba. Please do not use the Temple to socialize and grow your network.
  • Should you see a devotee exhibiting an emotional outbreak you might be tempted out of your own goodness to help. We humbly and respectfully ask you not to approach the devotee to offer support or sympathy.

Satchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Maharaj Mandir Location:

1190 Mid-way Blvd. Unit 13
Mississauga L5T 2B9 Ontario
Phone (text only): 647-204-4761 ; 647-928-1056
Email: contact@sainathmandir.org

Mississauga Satchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sainath Maharaj Temple

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