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Narayaniyam Pancadasadasakam Lyrics in English | Narayaneeyam Dasakam 15

Narayaniyam Pancadasadasakam in English:

॥ nārāyaṇīyaṁ pañcadaśadaśakam ॥

nārāyaṇīyaṁ pañcadaśadaśakam (15) – kapilōpadēśam

matiriha guṇasaktā bandhakr̥ttēṣvasaktā
tvamr̥takr̥duparundhē bhaktiyōgastu saktim |
mahadanugamalabhyā bhaktirēvātra sādhyā
kapilatanuriti tvaṁ dēvahūtyai nyagādīḥ || 15-1 ||

prakr̥timahadahaṅkārāśca mātrāśca bhūtā-
nyapi hr̥dapi daśākṣī pūruṣaḥ pañcaviṁśaḥ |
iti viditavibhāgō mucyatē:’sau prakr̥tyā
kapilatanuriti tvaṁ dēvahūtyai nyagādīḥ || 15-2 ||

prakr̥tigataguṇaughairnājyatē pūruṣō:’yaṁ
yadi tu sajati tasyāṁ tadguṇāstaṁ bhajēran |
madanubhajanatattvālōcanaiḥ sāpyapēyāt
kapilatanuriti tvaṁ dēvahūtyai nyagādīḥ || 15-3 ||

garuḍasamadhirūḍhaṁ divyabhūṣāyudhāṅkam |
rucitulitatamālaṁ śīlayētānuvēlaṁ
kapilatanuriti tvaṁ dēvahūtyai nyagādīḥ || 15-4 ||

mama guṇagaṇalīlākarṇanaiḥ kīrtanādyaiḥ
mayi surasaridōghaprakhyacittānuvr̥ttiḥ |
bhavati paramabhaktiḥ sā hi mr̥tyōrvijētrī
kapilatanuriti tvaṁ dēvahūtyai nyagādīḥ || 15-5 ||

ahaha bahulahiṁsāsañcitārthaiḥ kuṭuṁbaṁ
pratidinamanupuṣṇan strījitō bālalālī |
viśati hi gr̥hasaktō yātanāṁ mayyabhaktaḥ
kapilatanuriti tvaṁ dēvahūtyai nyagādīḥ || 15-6 ||

yuvatijaṭharakhinnō jātabōdhō:’pyakāṇḍē
prasavagalitabōdhaḥ pīḍayōllaṅghya bālyam |
punarapi bata muhyatyēva tāruṇyakālē
kapilatanuriti tvaṁ dēvahūtyai nyagādīḥ || 15-7 ||

pitr̥suragaṇayājī dhārmikō yō gr̥hasthaḥ
sa ca nipatati kālē dakṣiṇādhvōpagāmī |
mayi nihitamakāmaṁ karma tūdakpathārthaṁ
kapilatanuriti tvaṁ dēvahūtyai nyagādīḥ || 15-8 ||

iti suviditavēdyāṁ dēva hē dēvahūtiṁ
kr̥tanutimanugr̥hya tvaṁ gatō yōgisaṅghaiḥ |
vimalamatirathā:’sau bhaktiyōgēna muktā
tvamapi janahitārthaṁ vartasē prāgudīcyām || 15-9 ||

parama kimu bahūktyā tvatpadāṁbhōjabhaktiṁ
sakalabhayavinētrīṁ sarvakāmōpanētrīm |
vadasi khalu dr̥ḍhaṁ tvaṁ tadvidhūyāmayānmē
gurupavanapurēśa tvayyupādhatsva bhaktim || 15-10 ||

iti pañcadaśadaśakaṁ samāptam ||

Narayaniyam Pancadasadasakam Meaning:

Oh God,you as Kapila told to Devahuthi thus,
“If one is interested in worldly pleasures,
Then intelligence binds you to this world,
But if one is not interested in these aspects,
Intelligence will lead one to ultimate salvation.
The path of devotion prevents attachment to pleasures,
And this devotion can be earned by the company of great people.” ॥ 15.1 ॥

Oh God, you as Kapila told to Devahuthi thus,
“From the man who has clearly understood,
The division of innate principles of existence,
Namely basic nature, intelligence, egoism,
The five subtle bases *, the five bhootha elements,
The mind, the ten organs of sensation** and the supreme soul,
Maya, the illusion completely goes away.” 15.2
*subtle bases are Sound, touch, form, taste and smell
**Mind, eye, nose, tongue, skin, words, arms, legs, anus, penis are the
Ten organs of sensation.

Oh God, you as Kapila told to Devahuthi thus,
“The soul is not affected by nature*, that is the birth and death process,
But if nature shows attachment to the soul* , its qualities will influence the soul,
So think and understand the principle of devotion to me,
And this would make an attachment to nature vanish.” ॥ 15.3 ॥
*Nature-Prakruthi Soul-Purusha

Oh God, you as Kapila told to Devahuthi thus,
“After making your mind pure by practicing different yoga asanas*,
Practice meditating on me who am sitting on Garuda,
Armed with divine weapons and decorated with divine ornaments.
And colored blue like a blue lotus flower” ॥ 15.4 ॥
*Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama

Oh God, you as Kapila told Devahuthi thus,
“Hearing my stories and great attributes, singing my names,
And meditating on my form would create great devotion,
Which is a phenomenon of the mind, similar to the flow of Ganges,
And this type of devotion even wins over death.” ॥ 15.5 ॥

Oh God, you as Kapila told to Devahuthi thus,
“Alas, alas, he who does not have devotion to me,
With the money that he has earned by troubling other beings,
Spends time in looking after his home and family,
Obeying the wishes of women plays with children,
And gets attached to the home and later suffers sorrow in hell.” ॥ 15.6 ॥

Oh God, you as Kapila told to Devahuthi thus,
“Though at the time of suffering inside the womb of women,
One gets wisdom, as soon as one is born, this is lost,
And after spending a childhood hood full of miseries,
When one becomes a youth, he again gets into the net of passion.” ॥ 15.7 ॥

Oh God, you as Kapila told to Devahuthi thus,
“A householder who performs virtuous deeds,
and also satisfies devas and manes by proper worship,
Goes through the southern path, and when his merits,
Are exhausted he falls back on earth to live again,
But he who surrenders to me and does all deeds,
Without expecting anything in return,
Goes out by the northern path and salvation.” ॥ 15.8 ॥

Once she understood what is needed, you blessed Devahuthi,
Who prayed to you and you started your journey with other yogis,
And Devahuthi whose mind became pure,
Attained salvation through the path of devotion,
And you for the good of the people are,
Staying even now in the northeastern part of our country. ॥ 15.9 ॥

Oh God who is great, what is the use of telling too much?,
You, again and again, tell that, the devotion to your lotus-like feet
Removes all fears, and fulfills all desires, and so Oh Lord of Guruvayur,
Please cure all my diseases and bless me to have devotion to you. ॥ 15.10 ॥

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