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Nira Narsingpur Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Temple Timings, History

Nira Narsingpur Laxmi Narsimha Temple Timings:- 5:00 AM to 8:30 PM:

About Nira Narsingpur Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Temple:

Nira Narasinhpur which is situated in Pune District . It is nearly 35 km. away from its Tahsil Place(Kendra) Indapur. It is the last village of Pune District towards the South-East. There are Two Rivers flowing by this pretty, small village from one side, there is Nira river and from other side of the village, there is a confluence of both these rivers.

Many people from all over the Maharashtra as well as from all neighboring states such as Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andrapradesh as well as from the ”Family diets” and many people don’t but still they came here only for the sake of God Narasinh and this enchanting place. They wanted to visit this place, take the “Darshna” of God Narsinha and wants a peaceful as well as prosperous life ahead.

The Temple of Lord Narasinha is very Majestic and Large. It is high above the general ground level. It is also high above the other houses in the village. It is also high above the other houses in the villages. It is one of the Fine example of architecture of the Era of Peshva. The Temple is surrounded the big and strong fortification of the stones. The sanctum of the Temple and in front of the Temple is also made of Black Stone.

The design of the stone pillar is very different as well as unique. They are carve on the stone very beautifully. There are carve on the stone very beautifully. There are Three Main Doors to the Temple to wards the East, the North and to wards the West side. To the East and West side doors one can see two big Elephants carved in the large stone, attracts and welcome the people.

The West side door of the Temple looks very large attractive as well as very beautiful. There are 33 steps to climb to reach in the temple. There are two bastion of the two sides of the wall. There are two large stone carves Elephants carving. If looks like the main structure of the “Shanivarwada” in Pune.

The view of the front side from the west side door is very lovely one can see the beautifully flowing Nira river. Laxmi Ghat. Nirasinh Tirth and beautiful view of the sunset.

The same Narasimha idol is sitting on the throne in Narasimha Puri temple. This idol is facing west. He has a wide and wide, gorgeous eyes. He looks like a man, chest, waist, lion and hands. Narahri Shamraj: In the main village of Narasimha, there are two idols of Shri Narasimha and the other idol is black stone and the idol is Brahma Dev.

There are two idols of Lord Narsinha, one is made by Pralhad (Lord Narasinha) which is made of sand. The second is Shyamraj which was made by Lord Bramhadev out of stone.

Nira Narsingpur Shri Laxmi Narsimha Temple History:

There is also scientific importance about the place Nira-Narasinhpur. The Scientists had studied about this area and it is said that Nira-Narsinhpur is the Middle Place of the Earth. There are many scientific evidences about that This is one of the geographic truth which also attracted many people to visit Nira-Narsinhpur.

Nira Narsingpur Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Temple


There are many evidences that this holy place his a very long history. It is also very famous religious place in the ancient times too.We have an evidence that in the past Lord Ramchandra started his holy yatrays after killing Ravana. Muni Aagasti told him the complete the yatras, so he decided to start it from Nira-Narasinhpur.

It is quite and very beautiful religious place, so many Munis and Devotee’s came here for penance. It is said that Maharshi Vayas also stayed here for some time.It is also the family Deity of the Emperor of very famous vijayanagar and they keep it very safe.There are also some strong evidences available which shows that twice “Swami Samarth Ramdas” visited to Nira-Narsinhpur around the year of 1553, when he and his followers wants to go to Pali from Pandharpur. They came here and performed they Pooja’s in Nira-Narasinhpur.

The Ghat on the confluence of river Nira and Bhima was completed in 1527. The Ghat is in the Egg shaped which was built by Trimalapal Dhadhji Modhoji. It took three long years for completion. In the year of 1787 Raghunathrao Vinchurkar completed the Renewal of this beautiful Temple.

Nira Narsingpur Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Nira Narsingpur Shri Laxmi Narsimha Sub-Deities:

Lakshmi Temple
Devotee Prahlad Temple
Shri Dattatreya Temple
Bhima Shankar
Raghavendra Swami Vrindavan
Tarti Narasimha
Kashi Vishweshwar
Kala Dutta
Muhurt Ganapati

Niranarsingpur Sri Laxmi Narsimha Temple Big Gong:

It is located at the west gate of the main temple. Behind the temple of Pralhad towards the west door of the temple of Laxmi Narsinha, there is a very large Gong which creates a very soft and sweet sound in the temple. The origin of this Gong is in the Rasai church, it was used for prayers in the church. In 1721, portugise manufactured four large Gongs for the Church. In 1739, Peshawa Chimaji Appa won the yesai and looted these four big big Gongs. Then they brought it to Pune and Peshwa decided to send him to several temples. Sadashiv Mankeshwar brought one of them to Nira-Narsinhpur and installed here.

“This Gong rings various occasion in the temple.” It is said that there was a person named Baba Pahilwan, he lived in the village who had immense power. It is also said that Baba Pahilwan picked up this big Gong with his left hand and hung it with his right hand.

Nira Narsingpur Shri Laxmi Narsimha Temple Accommodation:

There are rooms available for the devotees in the Nira Narsinghpur temple and there are accommodations, meals and puja rituals throughout the region.

Places on Bank of River:

1) Durga Tirth
2) Koti Tirtha
3) Go Tirth
4) Bhanu Tirth
5) Chakra Tirth
6) Nad Tirth
7) Pash Tirth
8) Mousal Tirth

Places on Bank of River Nira:

1) Laxmi Tirtha
2) Padam Tirth
3) Shankh Tirth
4) Gada Tirth
5) Pishachmochan Tirthà
6) Garud Tirth
7) Narasinh Tirth
8) Indra Tirth
9) Hans Tirth
10) Tara Tirth
11) Durvas Tirth
12) Kapil Tirth

Nira Narsingpur Shri Laxmi Narsimha Temple Address:

Nira Narsinhpur,
Indapur Thaluka,
Tembhurni District,
Pune – 413211,
Phone: 094206 66068
e-mail: vilasdandawate@gmail.com

Nira Narsingpur Shri Laxmi Narsimha Temple Map:

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