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Panagal Fort Mahabubnagar Telangana Tourism

In telangana the pangal Fort is a very famous Hill Fort. It is situated in mahabubnagar. From Hyderabad it takes 163 kms distance and from mahabubnagar it takes 74 kms, 15 kms from Wanaparthy bus station. And it takes 1.5 kms distance from Pangal Bus station. During the year of 11th and 12th centuries the Pangal Fort was built by the king Kalyani Chalukya. The fort was built with granite rocks and the main entrance is called as Mundlagavini. And this is the special attraction to the port, it occupies hundreds of acres area and it contains seven gateways.

There are several monuments built with an attractive architecture, including Uyyala Mandapam and several water bodies and these monuments came into damage. At this fort many deadly wars had taken place like Bahamani, Vijayanagara, Padmanayaka and Qutub shahis. It is a place of witnessed guerrilla warfare during the revolted against the Nizam. There is an easy trekking star from pangal village and it takes 2 hours to reach the peak, explore and come back to the village. The pangal can be reached from Wanaparthy which is 15 km away.

Panagal Fort Mahabubnagar Telangana Tourism

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