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Pancha Bheralu

Pancha Bheralu
Koluvu Srinivasa Murthy : Every morning Koluvu Sreenivas Murthy is seated on the golden throne in Snapana Mandapam and almanac (Panchangam) is read out to him. All the details of the day like tithi, nakshatra, yoga and the information about different sevas are given to him. Then the treasury clerk humbly presents to him. the income and expenditure account of the previous day. This is done is Snapna Mandapam before the sunrise failing which it is done in Ghanta Mandapam after sunrise.Koluvu Srinivasa Murthy

Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy: In Ananda Nilaya the ever beautiful idol is that of Bhoga Srinivasudu. This silver idol was presented to the temple by a Pallava Queen “Saama Vaayi” in 614 A.D. She rejoiced in decorating the idol with many ornaments. During the ‘Ekanta Seva’ at the day’s end, it is privilege of Bhoga Srinivasa to go to bed on silk mattress. During ‘Suprabhata Seva’ in the morning, this idol is removed from the silk mattress and kept at the foot of the main deityBhoga Srinivasa Murthy.

Mula Virat or Dhruva Murthy: The principal deity presiding in the sanctum sanctrom of the Tirumala temple is called Mula Virat of Dhruva Murthy or Stana Murthy. With an approximate height of around 7 feet, the presiding deity of Lord Venkateshwara has been attracting millions of devotees from the past several centuries with his self manifested presence in Ananda Nilayam. Mula Virat or Dhruva Murthy

Ugra Sreenivasa Murthy: In the gone days, the processional deities of Ugra Sreenivasa Murthy were taken out for procession during festival. When these idols were being in a procession on a particular day, strange, unusual and alarming incidents took place. After these incidents, these idols since 1330 A.D. have not been used in procession. At present the idol of Sri Ugra Sreenivasa Murthy is taken out only once in a year during Kaisika Dwadasi day only.Ugra Sreenivasa Murthy

Utsava Murthy: After the main deity, Malayappa Swami’s idol has a special place of pride. It is great feast to the eyes to see Malayappa Swami along with his consorts. Sreedevi and Bhudevi during the fete of processions, festivals and all sevas. In a year more than 450 processions and festivals are performed. Among them, some are meant for the main deity and while the others meant for Malayappa Swami.Utsava Murthy

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