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TTD Museum Special Exhibition 2014


All Gods Avatar, Ammavaru, Ammavaru Lord Balaji, Annamaiah lord Venkateshwara Discussion, Bandarekulu, Bhudevi, Brahma Kadigina Padamu, British officer visit Tirumala, Elephant made with flowers, Main entrance of the exhibition, Varieties of flowers at Tirumala exhibition, Formation in Sheshachalam, four avatars, Gallery Panoramic View of the exhibition, garuda made of lights, hanging Hanuman, jagadapu chanamula jajara copper plate, Keerti devi, Lord Krishna stories, Lakshmi made from vegetables, lord Balaji and Ammavaru made with flowers, A story from Ramayana, lord venkateshwara on garuda, Matla Anantharaya’s Contribution. Photos from TTD Museum Special Exhibition 2014.

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