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Pangunottara Utsavam Celebrated

govinda-namalu-red-white17-03-2016, Tirupati:  On Thursday Pangunottara Utsavam was celebrated in Pundarikavalli Ammavaru in Sri Govinda Raja Swamy temple in the temple city of tirupati. Pangunottara Utsavam is an ancient festival celebrated in this temple.

In the early morning Suprabhatam which was followed by Tirumanjanam, performed in Ekantam to Salai Nanchiyar and samarpana in the Sannidhi.

In the evening the processional deity was taken around the Vimana Prakaram of the temple in a holy procession.

Temple DyEO Smt Vasantha Kumari, AEO Mr.Prasadamurthy Raju and others officers were also present at this utsavam.

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