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Tirumala Pasupu Dhara/ Punya Theertham History, Route

Tirumala Pasupu Dhara/ Punya Theertham:

Pasupu Dhara Theertham or Punya Theertham is a sacred water body on Tirumala hills. This pond is very close to the main Sri Venkateswara temple and can be reached by walk. It is also considered to be very close to celestial water bodies in heaven, which has a special association with Sri Venkateswara Swamy.

Bathing in this water is truly refreshing and is said to wash away evils and bestow good fortune. Reaching this sacred place is complicated, the devotee can plan if have a good amount of time when visiting Tirumala.

The best time to visit this place is during the rainy season, this place is even more beautiful with greenery all around and white water gushing from the rocks.
Tirumala Pasupu Dhara/ Punya Theertham History, Route

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