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Pongal Celebrations in European Countries

‘Pongal’ in Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark:
Britain has over 300,000 Tamils. France has over 60,000 Tamils from Pondicherry. Germany has over 50,000 Tamils and over half of them were refugees from Sri Lanka. Italy has about 25,000 Tamils, and Switzerland has about 40,000 Tamils. Denmark has over 7,000 Tamils, majority were refugees. There are two well patronised Hindu Tamil temples namely Vinayagar and Abhirami. These temples are well adapted to Danish environment.

‘Pongal’ Celebration in These Countries:
In Britain and France, Hindu temples serve well to Tamil community both religiously and culturally. These Hindu temples organise ‘Pongal’ festival celebration too. In Germany, religious dedication among Tamils is intensified during ‘Pongal’ Celebration. Tamils are well deep-rooted in these countries. They are integrated with local community. They are actively attached to their Hindu religious and Tamil cultural links. This is apparent because they organise ‘Pongal’ celebration at a single place. During ‘Pongal’ temples draw large number of Tamil Diaspora from all European countries. It becomes the nerve centre of Tamil cultural activism.Pongal Celebrations in European Countries

Pongal Celebrations in European Countries

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