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KAALA-SARPA DOSHA-POOJARemember to worship Lord Ganesha by reciting his manthra before performing the Rahu kethu pooja. It is compulsory doing the procedure. If not performed then the pooja is said to be unfruitful.
The simplest remedy is worship Lord Hanuman by reciting the Hanuman Chaleesha every day or every Tuesday and Saturday to get relief from the Sani, Kujha as well as the rahu and kethu dosha. Offer ardent worship and Nishta to please the lord. Also can offer him Vada Mala (Vada garland) or Betel leaves mala (Betel leaves garland).
Some of the famous Temple where you can perform remedy for the Rahu Kethu pooja are
Sree Kalahasthi, Thrimbakeshwaram and Mopidevi Subrahmanya Temple in Andhra pradesh, Kukke Subrahmanya Temple near Bengaluru, Ramanatha Swamy Temple Rameshwaram and Tirunageswram Temple (Rahu Temple) in Tamilnadu.
Performing milk abishekam in Rahukalam at Thirunageshwaram is considered more auspicious. After visiting the temples at Tamilnadu you may also visit Vaideeswaran kovil (Kuja Temple) and then Ketu temple in Peroambare to perform pooja.
The Pooja has to be done twice in a year till you see the change – once during Uttarayana (mid Jan to mid July) and secondly during Dakshinayana (mid July to mid Jan).
Performing the below mentioned poojas and vrath, gives good result.
visit any Naga temple nearby your living place and worship for 18 weeks by offering gingelly oil lamp and normal pooja offering with Black gingelly seeds. On the last week install a five hooded two silver or wooden Sarpa (snake) idols. Worship and Visit the temple of Lord Subrmanya swamy and Lord Narasimha every day is must. Most auspicious Vrath is the Garuda Panchami Vratra, should perform regularly every year to get relief. Donate pulses to the poor on 43rd Wednesdays. Performing the Shanthi pooja on Shahsti Thithi will also give relief.
The following mantras have to be chanted for 21 days regularly at home also.

  • Om Aaathishesha naagaayanamaha
  • Om Avantha nagaaya namaha
  • Om Vaasugiye Namaha
  • Om Thatcha naagaaya namaha
  • Om Kaarkodaka naagaaya namaha
  • Om Padma naagaaya namaha
  • Om Mahaa Padma Naagaaaya Namaha
  • Om Sanka naagaya namaha
  • Om Kuliga nagaaya namaha
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  1. Hi Sir,
    Name: Srinivas Rao
    DOB: 25 June 1986
    Time: 04:00 AM
    Place: Secunderabad, Telangana
    Jobless, pls tell me my horoscope and remedies.

    • Dear Srinivas Rao
      Since Rahu is placed malefic in 12th house – difficult to earn good labor and to keep the finances balanced even after giving the best of hard work & efforts.
      You should stay upon the true & loyal path and should keep your soul pure and attitude as moral because lying and deceiving would bring very adverse impacts to the native’s life as it will turn Rahu more malefic for these people.
      Don’t depend on or take services of others.
      You may get a good job or settle only after your marriage. This may be funny but its astrological truth.
      Remedies –
      Worship first Lord Ganesha and then perform Rahu Kethu pooja.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman. if you please these three gods with your prayers then you can be protected from malefic Saturn and Rahu to get good job.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Srinivasrao
          Your job problem is because of Saturn, Rahu and Mercury placed in malefic houses. So just worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman daily without fail and have a saffron tilak and do not go with alcohol and non veg.
          Business – related to iron trading is favourable for you. Any business should be started with your wife name gives you good business if your matched properly.
          Career / Profession – realted to your course need to join in a lower level job. But you may not push you to join in lower level job. Just keep on trying for jobs related to your studies and next year you may / can hit it.
          As per your sign, you always try to pick the golden swan which you cannot. You need to improve from bottom i mean from a small job only increasing your knowledge gradually in the job front.
          Your lucky god is Lord Ganesha so worhip him daily before sun rise by reciting any of his naama manthra for 108 times or above infinitely to your conscious without fail. If you pleases the lord then your jpbless problem can be troubleshooted.
          You lucky planets are Mercury and Venus. You can keep a piece of mercury metal along with you as it fetches luck for you but for your hard work only.
          Recite their manthras daily. or on every Wednesdays for Mercury and Fridays for Venus.
          Your lucky age are 23, 32, 41. Since 32 is a lucky year you may get a job during that job but you need to try vigerously. Dont be lazy as it wont fetch you anything.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  2. Name: A.Bhagwat Prasad
    My date of birth is 1st September 1968
    Time: 8.10 A.M.
    Place of birth: Nizamabad, Telangana
    Kindly send details to my email id and please don’t publish on internet.
    Thank You

  3. Hi my date of birth is 11th April 1986. Time is 6.12pm. Place of birth is Singapore. Priest say I have naga dosham. Please tell me the remedies. Uma rai

    • Dear Uma Rai
      Since all the planets other than Rahu (8th house) and Kethu (2nd house) are in between the houses or in the clutches of rahu and kethu it is said as Kaala sarpa dosha and not Naaga dosham.
      So you need to perform Rahu kethu pooja every till completion of your rahu dasha. First worship Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja – MUST.
      Your Rahu dasa started from 10.2016 completes at 10.2034.
      Remedies –
      Chant Durga Sthothram daily or on every Tuesdays and Fridays.
      Recite Rahu manthra daily or on every Saturdays for 108 times.
      Also worship Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya regularly.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Dear Sir,
    My Name : Vasuki
    Date of Birth : 22.06.1979
    Time : 4.40 pm
    Place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Please tell me my horoscope details & any dosham to be done.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Vasuki
      You have Padhma kaala sarpa dosham.
      Perform rahu kethu pooja every year on an auspicious thithi.
      Offer first worship to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja – MUST.
      Daily worship lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya by reciting their naama manthras.
      Daily or every Saturdays recite rahu manthra or rahu gayathri manthri for 108 times and perform milk abhishekam (Saturdays only) near the navagrahas.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  5. Name: yuvan swamynath
    Dob : 11-10-1983
    Time: 12:05 AM
    Place of birth : Vellore , Tamil Nadu

    Kindly tell me what dosha I have and what are the remedies for it

    • Dear Yuvan Swamynath
      Sheshnaag Kaala Sarpa dosham.
      Perform rahu kethu pooja on the below given thithis –
      Simple Ganesha pooja is must before going to do rahu kethu pooja.
      Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Starsof Rahu and Ketu,Purnima (Full Moon), SuryaGrahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any AshleshaNakshatra day.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  6. Sir
    DOB : 01 June 1998
    Place : Chandigarh
    Time : 12.22 pm
    Would you suggest any benefic poojas?

    • Dear Arth Jaina
      You have Takshak Kaala Sarpa dosh.
      So doing rahu kethu pooja every year is must.
      Any pooja you do start with a pooja dedicated to Lord Ganesha is MUST.
      For more remedies check our site.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  7. Name: Thanaraj
    DOB: 16 Oct 1980
    Time: 4:35pm
    Place: Kuantan, Pahang

    Please tell my horoscope and suggest Pooja’s to be done.

    • Dear Thanaraj
      You have Maha Padma Kaala Sarpa dosham.
      Effects – secret enemies, bad health and serious sickness and set backs in married life.
      Best Remedy – Rahu Kethu Pooja on any non fasting thithi rahu kalam. Offer pooja to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  8. Dear Sir

    Name: Maheshwari
    D.O.B: 10 Nov 1972
    Time: 8:30 am
    Place of Birth: Kuantan, Pahang

    Please tell me my horoscope and suggest poojas ti be done

    • Dear Maheshwari
      Rahu is placed in 2nd house and kethu in 8th house is malefic.
      Effects in reducing wealth, health causes poverty, worries defects in body.
      So doing the pooja rahu kethu is the only remedy that you can and you need to do it every for best result. Or recite rahu manthra daily in the morning placing rahu and kethu idols in you pooja room. On every Saturdays perform milk abhishekam and then recite the manthra. By doing this at home daily you can pacify the Malefic Rahu planet to bless you.
      Also you need to worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya (Tuesdays) and Hanuman (Tuesdays and Saturdays) daily or on the mentioned days.
      Worship sincerely and ardently only can make you recover your health, financial and family problems. So worship sincerely and ardently.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Thank you. May i ask if i have Pitra or Matra Dosha. Please advise if i have and what parigaram i should consider. Thank you again sir.

        • Dear Maheshwari
          Yes you have Pitra dosha. Just worship Lord Shiva and perform Rudhra Abhishekam regularly when ever it is possible for you.
          Also offer food to older people staying in old age homes at least once in a year and get their blessings.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  9. Name : samudrala uday kumar
    DOB : 31-03-1976
    Place :Hyderabad, Telangana
    Please tell me my horoscope and suggest poojas to be done

  10. Dear sir,
    Name : NavaneethaKrishnan
    DOB : 15-12-1979 8:15 PM
    place : Nagercoil, tamilnadu
    Please tellme my horoscope details.

    • Dear Navaneetha Krishnan
      Sign – Libra, Nakshathra Pada – Swathi – 3,
      Present Dasha – Saturn.
      You have Kulik Kaala sarpa dosham and hence i suggested to the pooja in my previous reply.
      Rahu kethu pooja on thithis such as Amavasya, Sashti, Pnchami etc,. sashti is best thithi to do this pooja.
      First perform Archana to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja. If you time then you can do the rudhra abhishekam also.
      Do the rahu kethu pooja on a Saturday rahu kalam time for you betterment. See to that Saturday comes on thithi such as i said above.
      You need to do the rahu kethu pooja every year continuously till you see the changes in your life.
      Also worship Lord Rahu and Hanuman on every Saturday by reciting their sthothrams. Reciting Hanuman chaleesha will also protect you.
      Namah Shivaya.

  11. Dear Sir,

    My name is JINESH PR
    Date of birth : 15-11-1982
    Time : 6.22 AM
    Place: Thrissur , Kerala

    Please tell me my horoscope details

    • Dear Jinesh
      Your horoscope details –
      Born on Amavasya thithi. Nakshathra – Visakha 1st pada. Sign – Libra.
      Lucky days – Saturday, Wednesday and Friday
      Favourable God are Lord Balaji, Hanuman and Vishnu
      Favourable Metal – Silver, Iron. Favourable Colour – Cream, Pink, Blue. Favourable Direction – North, Wes. Favourable Time – Sunrise time.
      Born during Jupiter maha dasha and presently running in Mercury dasha till 08.2032 and upcoming dasha is Kethu maha dasha.
      You can gain in Metal based business.
      Be careful in the matter of marriage since your horoscope must be properly matched for leading a happy conjugal life. Possibilities of getting amiable spouse.
      You need to control your thoughts. Succes and luck comes after much anxiety and troubles. So control your conscious and work hard and you will be rewarded of sure. Dont present overconfidence. Be alert always. Think wise and regular worship of Gods and goddess is must.
      No major doshas.
      Namah Shivaya

  12. Hi,
    my date of birth is 17-12-1979 8.15 pm, I am having kala sarpha naga dosa , could you please help me which type of pooja will give relif. I am struggling in my personal life.

    • Dear Navaneetha Krishnan
      Just rahu kethu pooja on thithis such as Amavasya, Sashti, Pnchami etc,. sashti is best thithi to do this pooja.
      First perform Archana to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja. If you time then you can do the rudhra abhishekam also.
      Namah Shivaya

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