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Remedies to Remove Sani Dosha | Remedies to Remove Shani Dosha | Remedy for Sade Sathi

Sani (Saturn) Dosham may arise in a Horoscope when Lord Sani (Saturn) occupies or resides in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th or the 8th and 12th cardinal houses.
The transit of Saturn in the zodiac sign 12th 1st and 2nd from the house in which planet Moon is located at the time of your birth is known as Saade Sati of Saturn.

The Saade Sati of Saturn has three phases:

The transit of Saturn into twelfth house from moon sign is called the first phase.
The transit into the moon sign is the second phase.
The transit into the second sign from the moon sign is the third phase.
As Saturn remains for two and half year in each phase that is why it is called Saade Sati (7 ½). These 7 ½ years are never always be unlucky and unfavorable. But the lucky or unlucky or favorable or unfavorable depends just with the relation (friendly/enemity/neutral) with the ruler of that particular house and according to the ownership of Saturn in the house of birth sign.
Lord Saneeshwara is the slowest mover among the others, who takes 2 ½ year to travel in each sign and takes 30 year to circum navigate the Sun. Saturn gives the appropriate punishments or rewards according to one’s sin act or sincerity.

Remedies to remove Sani Dosha:

Chant the following mantra:

Worship of Lord Hanuman:

Worship Lord Hanuman every day or every Tuesday and Saturday by reciting Hanuman Chaleesha by offering him Vada (fried dal paste) and Betel leaves garland, sincerely and devotedly. If one could please Lord Hanuman, then no malefic planets such as Rahu, Kethu, Mars and Saturn will trouble them. Hanumanjee is the lord for Good Physic, Knowledge, Steadiness, presence of mind, Soft Skills, etc,
According to the ancient epic Ramayana, it is said that Lord Hanuman relieved the *Nine Planets / *Rahu / *Sani (Saturn) (* means need clarification), from the clutches of the Demon King Ravana. Hence they told the Lord that who ever prays you with sincere devotion, we won’t trouble them. Thus praying Lord Hanuman always will overcome from their hard times due to mis-placement of the malefic Planets also.
On a Saturday:
First tie some black gingery seeds in a black cloth and dip in the gingery oil in a lamp (clay saucer) and light it. Then offer some black gingery seeds. And then you can recite the below mentioned Aarati Manthra and do Thil abhishek pooja.
Aarti of Sani Dev
Jai Jai Shri Sani Dev Bhaktan Hitkari | Suraj Ke Putr Prabhu Chaya Mahtari || Jai ||
Shyaam Ank Vakra Drasht Chaturbhuja Dhaari| Nilaambar Dhaar Naath Gaj Ki Asavaari || Jai||
Kirit Mukut Shish Rajit Dipat Hai Lilaari | Muktan Ki Maal Gale Shobhit Balihaari || Jai||
Modak Mishtaan Paan Chadhat Hai Supaari | Lohaa Til Tel Udad Mahishi Ati Pyaari ||
Dev Danuj Rishi Muni Surat Nar Naari | Vishvanaath Dharat Dhyaan Sharan Hai Tumhaari || Jai||

Do’s and Don’t’s while worship Lord Hanuman:

While worshipping Lord Hanuman, one must lead a righteous life,
Avoid Drinks and Non-Veg permanently or at least on every Tuesday and Saturday, away in the matters of Girls/Women, troubling others etc,
Chant the nama of Lord Rama or Hanuman regularly in the morning immediately after wakeup and at night before bed.
After a bath recite the Hanuman Chaleesha every day for fast relief or on every Tuesday and Saturday.
Visit Hanuman temple every day or every Tuesday and Saturday with no bad thoughts.
Worship of Lord Hanuma on Tuesday and Saturday: Take a bath with sesame seeds on the head, recite the Hanuman Chaleesha song, and then go to Hanuman temple and leave sesame seeds or put a lamp with sesame oil, sugar and red gram. If you do it for 11 weeks.
For those who are lagging behind in education, reciting Hanuman Chaleesha after praying lord Ganesha will give more beneficial results.
One who has problems in infatuation of a girl or a boy so called as love failures, getting married or in their conjugal life, chanting of Hanuman chaleesha and regular worship helps them to overcome form their problems. For instance, if we see the Legendary Tale of Ramayana, Hanuman helped Lord Sri Ram get united with Sita after being up ducted by the Demon Ravana.
For those who are affected by sani dasha or dosha, and then praying Hanuman is considered best.
One who has Heart problem or Anxiety, fear or any mental stress, chanting Hanuman Chaleesha, the nama of Lord Rama, nama Jai Hanuman, etc, for as many times as possible in a day or a week gives good result.
One who has troubles in their Career, Family, Financial, Business, Debts, may also pray the lord to overcome from them.
One who worships Lord Hanuman sincere devotion will assist them like a Guru / Teacher; direct those in the right way to overcome form the any issues.
Hanuman’s prayers will help you overcome negative attitude and induce courage.
For one who wants to get relief from bad habits like adultery, laziness, infatuated mind, those thoughts of infatuations can also recite the Chaleesha manthra to get peace of mind.
No need to wear any sort of gem stones referred by astrologers for those who worship Lord Hanuman regularly or wearing a Hanuman dollar on the neck.
Reciting Hanuman Chaleesha and worship brings fast & immense relief from all sort or troubles in one’s life.

Precaution For Women: Should worship Lord Hanuman before and after eight days of their regular period. During the worship of Lord Hanuman, its better to stop participate coitus with spouse.

Some of Famous Rahu Ketu Pooja Temples:

1) Sri Naganathaswamy Temple Thirunageswaram, Kumbakonam.
2) Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple In Nellore.
3) Sri Valli Devasena Sametha Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple Chittoor.
4) Sri Kalahasteeswara Swamy Sri Kalahasti.
5) Japali Anajaney Swamy Temple Tirumala.
6) Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma in Tirupati.
7) Ghati Subramanya Swamy Temple.
8) Kukke Subramanya Swamy Temple
9) Nashik Trimbakeshwar Temple


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      You can do Rahu Kethu pooja during the raahu kaal time at Sri Nageshwarar Temple in Gerugambakkam on Kundatthur road in Chennai.
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