Rahu Ketu Puja

Remedies For Manglik Dosha or Kujha Dosha or Mangal Dosha

Remedies For Manglik Dosha:

Mars is one of the most important planets in astrological science and plays a vital role in the event of the marriage of an individual. Manglik dosha is a defect is caused by the planet Mars. It is ought to bring bad luck and affect the person very badly. It is also known as Kuja dosha.

Remedies to Mangal Dosha:

It is considered that if a Manglik person marries to another Manglik person then the Manglik dosha gets canceled and has no effect and to enjoy the Matrimonial Bliss. Kumbha Vivah, Vishnu Vivah and Ashwatha Vivah are the most popular remedies for Mangal Dosha. Kumbha Vivah, also called Ghata Vivaha, means a marriage with a pot and breaking it after the ceremony.,
Worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily or every Tuesday and also visit the temple of Lord Hanuman.,
Worship Goddess Lakshmi and recite “Shri Suktam” regularly.,
Consistently seek blessings from elders.,
Respect and take utmost care of your mother.,
Offer respect as well as gifts to your sister-in-law (elder brother’s wife).,
Recite ‘Argala Stotra” in the Durga Saptashati.,
Offer bangles and items of cosmetics in a Lakshmi Narayan temple.,
The ill-effects of Manglik Dosha can be reduced with the application of Special Pooja, Mantras, Gemstones and Charities.,
Donate blood on a Tuesday in every three months, if health permits.,
Feed birds with something sweet.,
Worship banyan tree with milk mixed with something sweet.
Start a fast in a rising moon period on a Tuesday.
Some Remedies (can be performed after marriage)
Keep Kesariya Ganapati (Orange colored idol of Lord Ganesha) in worship room and worship daily.
Recite Mahamrityunjaya mantra.
Worship banyan tree with milk mixed with something sweet.
Note: We strongly recommend you consult an astrologer before performing these remedies by your own.


Other Rahu Ketu Pooja Temples:
1) Sri Naganathaswamy Temple Thirunageswaram, Kumbakonam.
2) Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nashik.
3) Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple In Nellore.
4) Sri Valli Devasena Sametha Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple Chittoor.
5) Sri Kalahasteeswara Swamy Sri Kalahasti.
6) Japali Anajaney Swamy Temple Tirumala.
7) Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma in Tirupati.
8) Ghati Subramanya Swamy Temple.


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  • Hii sir I was born on 24 may 1997 at 1.0 Am, I was struggling with job health issues and no peace in my life, every time facing some different kind of problems in my life, can you please suggest me to clear this issues sir

    • Dear Monica Sharma

      Observe fast starting on a Shukla Paksha Sashti and consequitive Sashti thithis till you accomplish your desire or continue. If you get the blessings of the lord then you can get your desire blessed.
      This vrath pooja works good for Career growth and prosperity.

      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaste Sir,

    I born on 03-02-1994, at 7:30 am(it’s not confirmed time) in between (7 to 8). I am unable to find right person. If I am okay with a match then something is happening and getting cancel. Could you please tell me sir whats wrong with my Jatakam. How can i find my solumet. Thanks in advance

    • Dear Swathi
      Worship Lord Ganesh daily.
      Observe a fast and do recite Subrahmanya Bhujanga sthothram on every Tuesdays. Visit Subrahmanya temple also on this day.
      Do perform Kumba Vivaha Ritual.
      Or participate in the Kalyana ritual of Lord Subrahmanya and do Panchamrutha Abhishekam.
      On every Saturdays offer a black sesame seeds lamp to Lord Saturn and do pradhakshinas. Visiting Hanuman temple also gives good relief.
      Recite Adithya Parayana on every Sundays.
      Your desire is for an intelligent and responsible men and since your 7th house lord is not favorable planet, what you said above is happening due to that.
      So try to accept what you get and bring him as per your expectation with love and this may works. But remember donot force as it breaks.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Husband:DOB-23/3/1978,9.00am,Vijayawada AP
    Date of marriage-25/1/2007
    Very unhappy in marriage. Is there any hope or remedy moving forward or are we headed to divorce.?

    • Dear Madhuri
      The boy has Pithru dosham and may be hence going towards a breakup. Also he is under the influence of Rahu Maha Dasa so this also makes him to take bad decisions.
      Your marriage compatibility is also good.
      Something going wrong from some bodys end.
      Remedies –
      Perform Chandi Homa pooja at Vijayawada Kanaka Durgamma temple thru online paroksha or prathyaksha seva as per your possible.
      Or worship Ardhanareeshwara swamy for 11 Mondays to bless you.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • If it is pitry dosha, one should visit Rameshwaram temple and do Pitru dosha pooja and pariharam in the temple premise with the priest over there. Ask some auto rikshaw person, they will guide you to a good brahmin. Me and my love had always fight and checked the horoscope and we have pirtu dosha and i did some research and went to Rameshwaram temple and did the pooja there for both of us as the dosha was present in both of us.

        We are far more happy now and we were so happy in all the way we were returning from the temple to home. It was around 10 hrs travel. Happy communication between both of us. It was such a pleasure lovable experience.

  • Hi sir i am shilpa here, my date birth is 18/1/1984,time of birth at 11 AM, my problem is my father is not willing to give property wt i asked, eventhough he have enough, he want give all to my brother, let me know whether i get what i wanted.

    • Dear Shilpa
      If you want to get your desired property from your brother and father which is not a selfish request means, then do as below –
      Always worship Lord Ganesh first.
      Then worship Lord Karthikeya daily or every Tuesdays. Observe fast for 21 Sashti Thithi starting it from a Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi sincerely with all your heart and devotion. If get his blessing then you can get it.
      On every Tuesdays offer some prasadh made of beaten wheat and a ghee lamp. Also donate masoor dhal to a poor women on a Tuesday.
      Then worship Goddess Lakshmi devi regularly or just recite Goddess Aparajitha sthothra for Success in the below link –
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear sir, My daughter’s name is Srinidhi, 12.5.91 , 8.45 am, place of birth: Devakottai. Marriage is getting delayed for reasons unknown.kindly guide us sir.

    • Dear Sri
      Remedies –
      Perform Abhishekam to Lord Dhakshinamurthy on any Thursdays, worship the lord regularly. Perform Rahu kethu pooja on any Wednesday or Fridays or Saturdays or on any Shukla Paksha Panchami day raahu kaal time.
      First offer simple worship to Lord Ganesh and then go to perform Rahu Kethu pooja for good result.
      Then tell her to regularly worship Lord Hanuman and Goddess Lakshmi.
      Reciting Hanuman chaleesha is also one best remedy.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear guruji.
    My son name is Harsh Verma
    DOB.. 23 /1 / 1991
    Time .. 2:30 PM
    Place.. Delhi

    Girl details :-
    Deepa singh
    DOB..7 /9 /1990
    Place.. Meerut , U.P
    Pls let me know any dosha or how to proceed for good married life..
    Pls suggest remedies. Thanks

  • Dear sir,

    DOB 11 March 1990
    Time 5.10 AM
    Place : Kolar, karnataka

    Marriage is getting delayed from few years…please suggest.

    • Dear Srinivasa
      Your 7th house lord is malefic planet and is aspected by malefic planets. Hence no prospects.
      Also Rahu is placed in 12th house and presently in Rahu Maha Dasa. So it inauspicious that could bring you social backwardness and failures.
      Perform Rahu Kethu pooja on any Tuesdays or Saturdays raahu kaal time.
      Then perform Navagraha Dosha Nivarana pooja.
      Or just perform Sarpa Shanthi Nivarana Pooja at Ghathi Subrahmanya temple that reduces the intensity of the Kuja dosha and pacifies other malefic planets and relief from Rahu Maha Dasa also. This is best pooja for you.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Karishma
      May I know, Pavan is a relative for you or you love him.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Karishma
          You an marry if you really interested in marrying him.
          After Marriage on regular do the following pooja –
          First perform Sathyanarayana Vrath pooja.
          Then daily worship your ishta devatha and your family deity (spouse family).
          Every Friday recite Durga Sahasranama Sthothram or Lakshmi Sahasranama sthothram. Do visit temple and worship there also. Give a red sare to Goddess Durga on a Friday with curd milk as Naivedhyam and distrubute it there itself.
          During Navarathri Festival days do prayers and pooja devotedly.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • My daughter and her husband got khuja dhosa. We make pooja in khuke temple. Pooja reservation require

    • Dear Dharmaraja
      It’s better to visit Ghati Subrahmanya temple instead of Kukke Subrahmanya temple for doing Kuja Dosha Parihara Pooja.
      At Ghati Temple they do special pooja for Kuja dosha parihara.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Parandhama mogili
      Need birth place of both akso to check chart to check for dosha.
      Rahu Kethu dosha and Kuja Dosha are different.
      Rahu kethu dosha comes when any person or their father or forefather kill any snake or sin to them known or unknowingly.
      Kuja Dosham –
      When planet Mars is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from the ascendant /lagna or Moon or Venus, then it is called Kuja Dosha. if it is a benefic planet then dosha wont give much effect on the native.
      Mangal dosha, Sumangalik dosha, Angaraka dosha, Bhom dosha
      By doing Kuja Dosha Parihara pooja like Kumbha Vivaha ritual, the intensity of the dosha can be reduced.
      There are some other Remedies also. so if you want that also i will send you.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Dear guruji-
        Boy name -V Gunashekar


        • Dear Parandhama
          When Mars is posited in 7th house and it normally causes Kuja dosham but since Swetha is born in Simha Lagnam and Mars is a yoga Karaka for her, so the dosha get cancelled and hence no dosha but since Lord of the Seventh house is Saturn, who is a bad / Maraka planet, may get small problems in her conjugal life.
          Actual remedy she should perform is Perform Shanishwara pooja at Sri Kalahasthi and Dhakshinamurthy Abhishekam at Sri Kalahasthi is enough. Regular pradhakshina to Navagrahas on every Saturdays and offer a lamp is enough. If you are a resident of Tirupati then perform Tila Abhishekam to Saneeshwara, temple nearby the Bus Stand besid Fortune Kences old Renigunta road.
          For her betterment just perform Panchamrutha Abhishekam to Lord Subrahmanya in Tiruttani. Also worship Lord Subrahmanya and Lord Hanuman on every Tuesdays and Saturdays is beneficial.
          Offer vadamaala to Lord Hanuman at Japali Theertham or in the temple one there in Tirupati.
          Matching is not recommended.
          Om Namah Shivaya

          • Thank you very much guruji,

            according to your suggestion Matching is not recommended. buy guruji we are decided to do marriage for both any suggestion give me guruji

            • Dear Parandhama Mogili
              Take both of them to Kanipakkam Varasiddhi Vinaya Temple and do the following poojas to both.
              Perform Ganapathy Homa, participate in Swamyvari Ekantha seva, and Abhishekam to Lord Ganesh some other visit may be after marriage. Bring them to Kanipakkam first after marriage.
              Perform Sathyanarayana Vrath after Marriage.
              Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir I have heard Sunday and Tuesday or Monday isa good for rahu ketu puja…
    For dakshinamurthy, I have to visit on Thursday so when can I do rahu ketu puja?

    • Dear Av
      Yes those days are auspicious but i told like that because Abhishekam to Dhakshinamurthy will be done only on Thursdays and for Rahu kethu pooja you cannot come seperately right. And apart from those auspicious days you can also do it on Thursdays as it is not a flaw or goes unfruitful. You can do it on Thursdays also.
      Or check any Dhakshinamurthy temple nearby your living place and do it there and for Rahu Kethu pooja you can reach Kalahasthi.

  • Dob : 7-7-1983 , female
    Time : 2:25 pm
    Place : Nellore, Andhra pradesh

    Sir i was not able to able to get remarried after divorce from past 9 years.
    Whomever iam finding are in some way cheating.
    Want to know when can i remarried? Any remedies ?
    and also when can i get change my job to a good one.

    • Dear AV
      Perform Abhishekam to Lord Dhakshinamurthy at Kalahasthi on any Thursdays and perform Rahu Kethu pooja also on the same day or on any Tuesdays raahu kaal time is best.
      Recite Guru manthra 108 times daily or every Thursdays.
      Recite Vishnu Sahasranama sthothram daily or every Saturdays early morning before 05 am is beneficial.
      Worship Lord Nrusimha and Lord Subrahmanya also regularly. Observe a fast on every Sashti thithi starting from a Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi, doing it sincerely and making your request is most beneficial to get marry if you get the lords blessings. So do it sincerely.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dob : 7-7-1983
    Time : 2:25 pm
    Place : Nellore, Andhra pradesh

    Sir i was not able to able to get remarried after divorce from past 9 years.
    Whomever im finding are in some way cheating.
    Want to know when can i remarried? Any remedies ?
    and also when can i get change my job to a good one.

    • Dear AV
      Perform Abhishekam to Lord Dhakshinamurthy at Kalahasthi on any Thursdays and perform Rahu Kethu pooja also on the same day or on any Tuesdays raahu kaal time is best.
      Recite Guru manthra 108 times daily or every Thursdays.
      Recite Vishnu Sahasranama sthothram daily or every Saturdays early morning before 05 am is beneficial.
      Worship Lord Nrusimha and Lord Subrahmanya also regularly. Observe a fast on every Sashti thithi starting from a Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi, doing it sincerely and making your request is most beneficial to get marry if you get the lords blessings. So do it sincerely.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaste sir, my son name is Durga Prasad, his d/b is 12.09.1984 at 10.12 am. His marriage is delayed and he will get married. Pl tell any dosha and requested to advise reamidy.
    Thank you sir.

    • Dear Ramakrishna
      Should send place of birth also.
      Ok, here is the details.
      Reciting Kuja manthra for 108 times and visiting Lord Subrahmanya temple on every Tuesdays is beneficial.
      Perform Abhishekam to Lord Subrahmanya on Tuesday.
      Reciting Hanuman chaleesha is also good and visiting Temple on Saturdays is required.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Pooja
      Your request need more analysis on your natal chart.
      We do check dosha only.
      Year of your birth is 1996 or what. Please clarify and we let you know.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Namaste.. My self pooja.. Dob 23-10-1996…time (2:30pm). Have Mangal dosh… Need more information when I will get married

        • Dear Pooja
          Sorry ma we do not predict such.
          Normally mangal dosha gets maturity after the age of 28. Also it is advicable to get marry after that age who are manglik.
          Do the Parihara poojas to get blessings to get marry.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • Girl details :
    dob : 7/7/1983
    Time : 2:25 pm
    Place : Nellore, Andhra pradesh

    Boys details :
    Dob : 5-10-1985
    Time : 6 :05 AM
    Place : Vijayawada, Andhra pradesh

    Does these two horoscope matches for marriage or not? Boy has mangal dosha i think.
    Can marriage is possible without any separation in future

    • Dear Vindhya
      The compatibility is okay. Can proceed.
      Regarding Mangal dosha – yes dosha is present. But since he is almost 35 so can proceed since it reduced the dosh effect. Quarrels if any arises may be from the girls side.
      Om Namah Shivaay

    • Thanks a lot sir FOR UR REPLY
      Does it necessary for the boy to marry with pepal tree / banana tree for mangal dosha.
      Boys chart – mangal dosha is present
      Mangal dosha is there in girls chart or not?
      Any pujas remedies to follow please suggest.

      • Dear Vindhya
        Yes doing so will reduce or cancel the dosha. Thenafter he can marry but should worship Lord Ganesh (saffron ganapathy idol) daily is necessary after marriage.
        And reading Hanuman chaleesha daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays and do visiting Hanuman temple is beneficial to calm his attitude.
        The girl is not Mangalik.
        Om Namah Shviaya

  • Hi sir myself SAI ROHITH
    TOB- 00 50AM earlymorning.DOB 21 08 1996 hanmakonda warangal.
    Girl details
    TOB 11 50PM 25/05/1997 ADILABAD
    plz let me know any dosha or how to proceed for good married life? Thanks

    • Dear Rohith
      Your Union is not recomended.
      But if you want to proceed then offer regular worship to Lord Ganesh, Subrahmanya and your ishta / Inti devathalu.
      Regular poojas on every Sashti thithi is beneficial.
      Chandi Homa pooja at Kanaka durgamma temple yearly once can ward off any sor of Negative energy.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Why sir..we are in relation from 6 years and we dont have any disputes in between us…but in 2020 moharam festival..girls attended to worship peeri at her home …but devatha sai that girl itsims…if it happens what ever on your heart…then there is death threat….from that day she started misbehaving….i dont know whats going on..and what gonna be happen…but we love each other from 6 years…if these all things are real!!! Why god made a relation between us from 6 years and why he want to seperate now?….am really confused what to do..and plzzz let me know whos death would be happened ? Because you are expert and plz tell why devatha told like that to girl.

        • Dear SAI Rohith Ganji
          If you are relatives then you can very well marry each other. Because in relatives some sort of understanding comes up during hard times to go with. So, that exception is there astrologically and practically. So you can proceed.
          Anything can be changed if we think possitively even in the Hard Times also. So start your journey with Possitive Energy, better understand, best love on each other. It will surely make you to change anything / Live happily.
          For certain questions I can answer but for certain I cannot.
          As per my analysis I saw is that there will be delay or problem in getting progeny. And Financial issues may come up as Dasa sandhi compatibility is not good.
          I can suggest remedy but it may not give you the best result as something written for that you need to suffer. Remedies will just reduce the intensity but not wholely. Hence I suggest so.
          To my knowledge Lovers do not expect more that the Love so proceed dear.
          Just do the remedies what I said before to you. And let the Almighty bless for good to happen.
          Om Namah Shivaya

          • Hi sir..can you please let me know whos death gonna occur? if we marry ….as moharam peeri told her….by hearing that info…her mind became brainwash and she is not listening my words now….if there is any real death..then i will accept it and move away….but these superstitions i wont belive..and if i convince anyway and marry her …after that if it happens really..them it would be worst step in my life…and if the news is fake…then i will miss good girl in my life…am really depressed from last 4 months because of this issue…can you please let me know any early death gonna happen in both the families..if we marry?

            • Dear Sai Rohith Ganji
              Nothing happens as you thinking. I think somebody playing a foul in between you. If both gets married you will live a happy life.
              But the only problem is that you get delay in getting a child.
              If you don’t bother about that issue then just go ahead with no worries and just Pray the Almighty heartly and sincerely and he will surely wont leave his ardent devotees.
              Om Namah Shivaya

                • Dear Sai Rohith
                  She will have problem in getting married and setting a good family as per her natal chart.
                  Remedies for her –
                  Performing Abhishekam to Lord Dhakshinamurthy at Kalahasthi and daily or every Thursdays, reciting Guru manthra for 108 times is beneficial to get reduce the bad effect of Guru.
                  Also observing fast and worship or Lord Ganesh on every Sankashta Chathurdasi day and taking dharshan of Chandra deva is beneficial to overcome all problems.
                  Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Harikrishna
      You have Kuja dosham.
      This delays marriage. You may get marry after 30.
      Perform Abhishekam to Lord Subrahmanya and recite either Subrahmanya Bhujanga sthothram on every Tuesdays and Hanuman chaleesha on every Saturdays or daily and visit temple.
      You can participate in Kalyanam ritual of either Lord Subrahmanya or Lord Nrusimha on a Tuesday.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hello sir,
    My daughter is Hemavathi (Harshitha) born on 30/08/1997 , 4:27am saturday. Some one saying
    I have mangal dosha

    Planning to marry with
    Manjunath born on 4/12/1992, 10:47am Friday. If the groom has any dosha??
    Is this marriage is match or not. Tell me about matching of Bride and groom.
    Thank you

    • Dear Prakash
      Marriage is not recommended.
      Ten matchings is good and Mangal dosha matching is Satisfactory, whereas Dasa Sandhi and Papa Samyam is Not Satisfactory, So not recommended.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaste sir, My Dob : 4-May-1997
    I’m facing so many health issues & mentally disturbed , I was struggled but i didn’t got job & when will I get marry .., Please sir tell me what can I do remedies for my problem

    • Dear Divya
      Worship of Lord Ganesh on every Sankashta Chathurthy and take Chandra Dharshan in the evening. Please consult a nearby temple poojari and do know how to do this vrath at home and then start to do it.
      Also reciting Chandra Graha Sloki manthra daily is beneficial.
      Recite Lakshmi Sahasranama sthothram daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays and visit temple also for a good job.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Madhavi
      Perform Abhishekam and participate in Kalyana of Lord Subrahmanya on any Tuesdays. worship the lord regularly to bless him to get marry soon.
      May i know where do you live.
      Perform Rahu Kethu pooja on any Saturdays, Wednesdays or Fridays or any Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi raahu kaal time. First perform Archana to Lord Ganesh or just a worship and then perform the rahu kethu pooja.
      Worship of Lord Ganesh

  • I have kuja dosha and I’m married now I’m applying for divorce because I’m facing lots of problems.now as second marriage Can I marry one who has kuja dosha or any problems will I face again plz suggest me

    • Dear Rajeswari
      Need to check in which house the dosham has occured. And normally manglik when one marriage is break up then second mostly may go smooth.
      Also need to check both horoscopes thoroughly (for a second marriage also) to conclude whether you can go forward or not.
      We cant blindly go forward thinking that once its breakup and hence the dosha is reduced or nullified if you have belief on such.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hello sir,
    my son name is siva born on 18/10/1991, 4:45AM
    place of birth Warangal
    please advice if he has any doshas and what kind of poojas need to be performed

    • Dear Lakshmi
      Perform Navagraha Dosha Nivarana pooja or just take him along with you and circumnavigate Navagrahas on every Saturdays.
      Take him to Sai Baba Haarathi pooja on every Thursdays or as per possibility.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Sir,
    My daughter NAME : YASHVI, DOB: 03/03/2016, TIME: 2:41 AM, PLACE : LOS ALAMITOS , California .There are so many dosh in her kundali. Please advise us , which puja is good for her .

    • Dear Amit Kumar
      Perform Rahu Kethu Pooja on a Pournima thithi raahu kaal time. First perform Pooja to Lord Ganesh and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      Then regularly take your Kid to a Hanuman Temple and Sai Baba Temple during the Haarathi pooja.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Aliya
      You have Mangalya dosham. This may not let you not live a happy married life at some times.
      If you can do remedies at your home then let me know and i will send you some remedies for the lord to let bless you.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Yashaswini
      Kuja dosham.
      Perform Kumba Vivaha Ritual.
      Also for once perform Rahu kethu pooja on a Shukla Paksha Sashti Thithi raahu kaal or any Tuesdays raahu kaal time.
      Regularly worship Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman (Hanuman chaleesha) and Lord Subrahmanya (Bhujanga sthothram).
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hi Sir,

    My Date of Birth: 02-02-1982
    Time of Birth: 3:30 PM
    Place of Birth: Hyderabad

    Delay in my marriage. When will I get married?


    • Dear Veerender
      You may get marry after 30.
      Perform Rahu Kethu pooja.
      Regularly worship Lord Ganesh and recite Shukra manthra on every Fridays for 108 times.
      Also recite Hanuman chaleesha daily and visit Hanuman temple daily.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir, I married to kuja dosha girl, and 15 years, but 11 years we are happy, after we started with problems, still we are in same phase, but my bad luck is am aradra 3rd pdad and my wife is 4th pada. Pls advise reamdy

    • Dear Ravi Kumar
      Worship Ardhanareeshwara Swamy daily in the evening between 06 and 07 hrs. Perform Water Abhishekam to Lord Shiva. Recite Ardhanareeshwara sthothram offering white flowers, dhup dheep aarathi.
      You can even worship Lord Hanuman who united Lord Rama with Sitha maa.
      Om Namah Shivaya