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Sabarimala Pooja, Seva, Prasadam, Dharshan Online Booking Services

Sabarimala Ayyappa has started its online booking services for Pooja Tickets, online Dharshan Tickets, online Prasadam, Sanidhanam Abishekam Tickets.

The Travancore Devashom board started the online reservations/booking for the devotees to book for Dhrashanam, Pooja, Prasadam, etc. The complete services of the Sabarimala Temple will be available online. Go through the official link online and check the calendar for slots. The booking will be available before the start of the darshan temple. Poojas are only done once a month. Other times, the temple facilities remain isolated. The pilgrimage to the sacred sanctuary of Sabarimala. In ancient times, Sabarimala was found in very deep forests. The dark green forest was full of fierce wild animals like tigers, the area was inaccessible for adventure and risked entire itineraries, so only a few brave and prayerful devotees handled the difficult pilgrimage.

List of Pooja Services available:

The online services will be available for Room Booking, Pooja, Prasadam, Book, Pass, Kanika, Annadanam etc. The complete list of pooja services available at Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy temple is given below. Devotees have a facility to give donations for Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy temple through E-Kannika.

  • AstotharaArchana – Rs.20/-
  • Bhagavathy Seva – Rs 1000/-
  • Swayamvararchana – Rs 50/-
  • Ganapathy Homam – Rs 2000/-
  • Nagaraja Pooja – Rs 50/-
  • Navagraha Pooja – Rs 250/-
  • Neerajanam – Rs 75/-
  • Ottagraha Pooja – Rs 50/-
  • Pushpabhishekam – Rs 10000/-
  • Sahasrarchana – Rs 50/-The most important pooja and offering performed at Malikapuram is Bhagavathi seva.

Sabarimala Online Booking

How to Book Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Pooja, Abhishekam, Seva, Prasadam Tickets Online?

  1. Open the link https://www.onlinetdb.com/ and then go through online services.
  2. If you already have an account login with details otherwise create a new account.
  3. Select the service which you want to book there will be all services available online and then pay the amount for the services and book your slot.
  4. Prasadam there will be 2 types of big and small packs book the slot whichever you want and they will be given tokens.

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