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Sambara Sri Polamamba Ammavari 2021 – 22 Jatara Dates

Sri Polamamba Ammavari Temple is a famous Shakti temple located at Sambara Village, Makkuva, Vijayanagaram, Andhra Pradesh State. Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of getting married to a person of a girl’s choice, health and longevity of husband. Every year Annual festival known as Jatara is celebrated with grand pomp. A huge number of devotees visit this temple from the surrounding villages in seek of Mother’s blessings.

Sambara Polamma Jatara is an annual festival attended by a large number of people from the surrounding areas. It is the second biggest Jatara in the Vizianagaram district after Pydithalli Ammavari Jatara.

This year the Jatara will start from 27th December 2021.

Polamamba Jatara 2021 – 22 Dates:

December 27 – Polamamba’s  aunt enters Village

January 2022, 03 to January 05 – Jatara Dates

January 10 – Amma Worship at Gomukhi river

January 24 – Tollela Utsavam

January 25 – Sirimanotsavam

January 26 – Ampakotsavam.

Sambara Sri Polamamba Ammavari Temple Address:

Sambara Village,
Makkuva Taluk,
Vijayanagaram District,
Andhrapradesh – 535593.

Sambara Sri Polamamba Ammavari 2021 – 22 Jatara Dates

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