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Somanathpur, Shimsha, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Tour Plan

This is a one day tour plan which covers Gaganachukki Falls, Keshava temple at Somanathpur and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.

Tour Frequency: Every Sunday and on all holidays (During the Rainy seasons between July to October).

Timings:- Departure at 06.30 am and Arrival at 09.30 pm

Fare / Price (in rupees):

Economy 650

Detailed planned route or journey starts from Badami House, Bangalore

06.30 am Departure from Badami House, Bangalore
08.00 am – 08.30 am Breakfast at Hotel Kamath
09.45 am – 10.15 am Ranganath swamy Temple
10.30 am – 12.00 pm Vist Bird Sanctury & Boating
12.30 pm – 01.30 pm Mysore Hoysala Hotel for Lunch
02.30 pm – 03.30 pm Visit Somanathpur Temple – Keshava
03.30 pm Somanathpura
05.00 pm Arrival to Simsha
05.00 pm – 06.30 pm Visit Gaganachukki
09.30 pm Tour ends at Badami house, Bangalore


** Travelers should report the departure counter before 20 min. Counters will be closed 5 minutes before departure time.**

1. All entrance fees, food charges, Guide fees be paid by travelers.
2. For every trip min 12 travelers are required.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Children above 5 years will be charged full ticket price. No seats allotted for children below 5 years of age.
2. No refund in case if the travelers misses the bus.
3. Postponement journey will be made within 24 hours. Once the journey is postponed or cancellation the trip will not be considered.
4. Senior citizens above 60 years and above will get discount. They should provide a valid proof document of age at Badami House office.

Cancellation Policy:
Before 48 hours 10% deducted.
Before 24 – 47 hours 25% deducted.
Before 24 hours no refund or cancellation.

Somanathpur, Shimsha, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Tour Plan

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