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Sri Kalahasti Bhakta Kannappa Temple History, Timings

Bhakta Kannappa Temple is located on Kannappa Tippa a hill behind Sri Kalahasteeswara Swamy Temple in Sri Kalahasti. A Shrine that reminds one about the miracles of true faith and devotion, the small but beautiful temple of Bhakta Kannappa, boasts an odd custom. This distinct temple is on the eastern side of the main shrine and depicts the idol of Kannappa a tribal youth. Legend has it that Kannappa gave his eye to the lord and this true love and devotion fetched him the unparalleled position of being worshipped along with the lord.

Srikalahasti Bhakta Kannappa Temple

Story of Bhakta Kannappa Nayanar:

Thinna is a devotee, who attained salvation through his unstinted devotion. He is none other than Arjuna of Mahabharata fame, who asks Lord Shiva for Moksha (salvation) and was born as Thinna, a hunter, to attain the same.

He was a rustic tribal lad. Lord Siva appeared to him in a dream and inspired him to worship him. One day he strayed into a forest while hunting, and came across a Siva Lingam, covered with leaves. Taking pity on the lonely God, he tried to lift it and take it to his village but failed in shaking the Lingam.

Failing in his efforts, Thinna cleared the Lingam and the surrounding place of all the leaves and went in search of food to offer to God. He killed a wild boar and brought its roasted meat as an offering to Siva. He brought water from the nearby river to sprinkle on the Lingam. Since he had no vessel to carry water, he filled his mouth with water and brought it.

Bhakta Kannappa Tippa

The Priest’s Doubts:

A priest used to go there once a week, clean up the place, light a lamp and cook food and offer it to Lord Shiva. After Thinna’s worship, when the priest came on his weekly visit he found to his shock, the whole place desecrated, with meat strewn around. He cleaned the place and did his routine rituals. But the next time he came to the place was full of meat as Thinna performed his way of Pooja with meat regularly.

The priest prayed to Lord Shiva and complained about the mess. Lord Shiva explained to him about the Thinna and offered to prove that Thinna’s devotion was superior. The priest hid behind a tree and waited to see Thinna’s Pooja. Thinna came with meat and water in his mouth and performed his Pooja.

Kannapar’s Devotion and Sacrifice:

To test Thinna’s devotion Lord Siva shed blood from one of His eyes. On seeing the blood tried to stop it in several ways but in vein. Finally Thinna without hesitation, Thinna scooped his own eye out with his arrow and fixed it on Lord Shiva and the blood stopped bleeding immediately.

Then the other eye of Lord Shiva started bleeding blood. Thinna was ready to repeat the same, to scoop out the other eye from his own and fix it on the Shiva Lingam. To fix the eye properly as he might become blind, he put one leg over the Shiva Lingam and started scooping his other eye.

Lord Shiva stopped him from doing the act. Pleased with his unstinting devotion, Lord Siva offered him a boon. Thinna asked for salvation. Since Thinna offered his eyes to God he is popularly called Kannappa Nayanar – ‘kannu’ being the Telugu and Tamil word for eye.Shiva Lingam BhaktaKannappaBhakta Kannappa gives eye shiva Kannappa Temple

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Sri Kalahasti Bhakta Kannappa Temple History, Timings

14 thoughts on “Sri Kalahasti Bhakta Kannappa Temple History, Timings

  1. Can I go to kannapa temple after rahu ketu pooja… And should I take bath after the at the hotel or when I go to home

  2. Dear guruji…
    I am peddabudhi (gotham) vishnu Vardhan. General ga vishnu ani pilustharu… Alage nenu kooda my name vishnu ani chepthanu.. naa jathakam (chittha ani maa parents note cheasaru) lo naa name ponnaiah ani vasthe maa parents ee name pettukunnaru.. Ila sagam peru chepocha… Ledha… Please cheppandi
    Dob.:24/06/1988 time 4:30am
    Place : wanaparthy (new dist),Telangana.
    I am suffering with health issues and financial issues
    Nenu kastaladi sampadisthunnanu… Kani sampadinchina prathi roopayaki karchu vachi kanipisthundhi…. Adhi compulsory ga karchu cheyalsi vasthundhi….
    Please reply me… Plz
    With regards..
    Vishnu vardhan p

    1. Dear Vishnu vardhan p
      At present you are in Jupiter Maha dasa, Jupiter in malefic in your chart and hence you are suffering with financial loses and health issues are also possible.
      Chanting of Guru manthra or sthothra daily or every Thursdays may reduce or remove your obstacles.
      Do like this at home –
      Worship Lord Ganesha – any naama manthra for 108 times, Goddess Maha Lakshmi – morning, Lord Shiva (during evenings for best result), Lord Sai Baba.
      Recite Guru sthothram –
      Devanam cha rishinam cha Gurum kaanchan Sannibhaam
      Buddhi bhutam Trilokesham tam namaami Brihaspatim.
      Observe a fast on every Thursday if possible.
      About your name – consult a numerolgist.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  3. Hi sir,

    Name: Sivaji Palla
    Date Of Birth:06/09/1992
    Birth Place: Muddanuru

    I am searching job from 2013 onwards….still i’m not getting job!!!so what can i do?… there any dosham?

    Thanks sir

    1. Dear Sivaji
      Kethu will make you to be lazy somewhat and rahu will give you fortunes in speculating.
      There is no major dosha found on a basic reading of your astrology. Need to analyse in deep along with varshapal. That we do not do.
      Better worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman daily and ask the gods to bless you a job and Hanumanjee will surely help you.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Dear Guru ji,
    I want to visit Sree Kalahasti temple for Kaal Sarp dosh pooja. Please let me know if i have kaalp sarp dosh in my kundli because i am facing lot of issues related to health n career.
    My dob is 24 feb 1985
    Place of birth :Dharampur distt solan himachal
    Pradesh, time of birth: 11.15 pm ..
    Plz plz plz respond

    1. Dear Rosy
      Yes you have Kaal Sarpa dosh.
      Remember to do a simple Ganesha pooja before doing the parihara pooja for completeness.
      Doing this parihara pooja regularly every year on a Shashti thithi pacifies the malefic planet. Rahu kethu pooja is very powerful and you need to the pooja as much as ardently you can.
      Namah Shivaya

  5. sir i want to do Rahu Kethu kala sarpa dosha pooja on tuesday that is on date 12-05-2015.

    when i have to book pooja ticket at your counter or online booking ..please give your kind information

    my mobile 9000500029

    1. Dear Ramesh Puligilla
      Online booking and advance booking is not available. Before the pooja the tickets are issued. try to be there before one or two hours before the pooja.

  6. Sir,

    I want to do rahu kaythu puja on 20/01/15
    The day is amavasya….
    Please suggest the time to do puja on the day

    1. Dear Mr. Venkat Galipalli
      20.01.2015 – Tuesday Rahu Kalam Time: – 03.00 pm to 04.30 pm. You should reach the Ticket Counter by 01.00 pm, that would be better.

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