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Sri Kalahasti Maha Khumbhabhishekam Details

Sri Kalahasti Maha Khumbhabhishekam to be held on February 8th 2017.
On the eve of Maha Khumabhabhishekam, all those arjitha sevas which are previously done are no cancelled from the date 28th august 2016 to 8th February 2017.
Other than the Arjitha seva all the nitya poojas are continued to perform to all the residing deities till the date of 8th February 2017.
All the sevas those are included in arjitha seva are Rudhrabhishekam and Suprabatha Seva and Kukuma Archana and a few other sevas that comes under arjita seva will be stopped performing till the given date.
Other poojas like the Rahu Kethu pooja and the darshanam for Sri Kalahasteeswara Swamy and Gnana Prasunambika Devi will be as usual and their poojas will be done normally to give all the devotees comfortable darshan during this time.
If anyone interested to perform any abhishekams to the idols of rudra then they can simply buy some milk and can perform instead of buying all pooja material, people who are interested can even do abhishekam with water also.

Sri Kalahasti Maha Khumbhabhishekam Details

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