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Sri Varahi Anugraha Ashtakam Lyrics in Tamil with Meaning

Varahi is one of the saptha mathrukas who aided the Devi in her fight against Shumbha, Nishumbha and their armies. She is described to have human body with eight arms, head of a boar and also having three eyes.

In the Sri Vidhya tradition, she is also called the Danda-natha. As Varahi. She destroys evil forces that obstructs the devotees progress, paralyses the enemies, and lead the devotees ultimately to Sri-Vidyas. She is classed as the fifth among the seven mother like divinities and hence also called Panchami.

With Kurukulla, she is accorded the parental status to Sri-Chakra. While Kurukulla represents the full moon, Varahi represents the new-moon.

And while Varahi represents the illumination aspects of the mother-goddess, Kurukulla is the “deliberation” aspect.

In another aspect, Varahi is also said to be one of the Yoginis, taking the form of a boar. She is said to lift up the earth with her tusks to confer benefits on all creatures. She is imagined as an eight-armed and three-eyed lady with a face of a hog, seated under a Palmyra tree, and functioning as a trusted attendant of the Goddess as her chief counselor.

In this form she is known as Chaitanya-bhairavi. She is being described as a fierce and as Commander of the forces, she moves about in a chariot drawn by boars. She is said to reside in the ocean of sugar-cane juice, one of the four oceans that surrounds the mother goddess, holding her court in the island of nine-jewels, and facing the mother-goddess.

Sri Varahi Anugraha Stotram Lyrics in Tamil:

॥ வாராஹ்யநுக்³ரஹாஷ்டகம் ॥

ஈஶ்வர உவாச
ஸ்த்வத்³ரூபமாகலயிதும் பரமார்த²தோঽயம் ।
ஈஶோঽப்யமீஶ்வரபத³ம் ஸமுபைதி தாத்³ருʼக்-
கோঽந்ய: ஸ்தவம் கிமிவ தாவகமாத³தா⁴து ॥ 1॥

நாமாநி கிந்து க்³ருʼணதஸ்தவ லோகதுண்டே³
நாட³ம்ப³ரம் ஸ்ப்ருʼஶதி த³ண்ட³த⁴ரஸ்ய த³ண்ட:³ ।
யல்லேஶலம்பி³தப⁴வாம்பு³நிதி⁴ர்யதோ யத்-
த்வந்நாமஸம்ஸ்ருʼதிரியம் நநு ந: ஸ்துதிஸ்தே ॥ 2॥

ঽঽநந்தோ³த³யாத்ஸமுதி³த: ஸ்பு²டரோமஹர்ஷ: ।
மாதர்நமாமி ஸுதி³நாநி ஸதே³த்யமும் த்வா-
மப்⁴யர்த²யேঽர்த²மிதி பூரயதாத்³த³யாலோ ॥ 3॥

ரோசிஶ்சயோஜ்ஜ்வலிதபாத³ஸரோஜயுக்³மே ।
சேதோ மதௌ மம ஸதா³ ப்ரதிபி³ம்பி³தா த்வம்
பூ⁴யா ப⁴வாநி வித³தா⁴து ஸதோ³ருஹாரே ॥ 4 ॥

லீலோத்³த்⁴ருʼதக்ஷிதிதலஸ்ய வராஹமூர்தே-
ர்வாராஹமூர்திரகி²லார்த²கரீ த்வமேவ ।
த்வம் தே³வி வாமதநுபா⁴க³ஹரா ரஹஸ்ய ॥ 5॥

த்வாமம்ப³ தப்தகநகோஜ்ஜ்வலகாந்திமந்த-
ர்யே சிந்தயந்தி யுவதீதநுமாக³லாந்தாம் ।
தேஷாம் பதா³ம்பு³ஜயுக³ம் ப்ரணமந்தி தே³வா: ॥ 6॥

த்வத்ஸேவநஸ்க²லித பாபசயஸ்ய மாத-
ர்மோக்ஷோঽபி யத்ர ந ஸதாம் க³ணநாமுபைதி ।
தே³வாஸுரோரக³ந்ருʼபாலநமஸ்ய பாத³-
ஸ்தத்ர ஶ்ரிய: படுகி³ர: கியதே³வமஸ்து ॥ 7॥

கிம் து³ஷ்கரம் த்வயி மநோவிஷயம் க³தாயாம்
கிம் து³ர்லப⁴ம் த்வயி விதா⁴நவத³ர்சிதாயாம் ।
கிம் து³ஷ்கரம் த்வயி ஸக்ருʼத்ஸ்ம்ருʼதிமாக³தாயாம்
கிம் து³ர்ஜயம் த்வயி க்ருʼதஸ்துதிவாத³பும்ஸாம் ॥ 8॥

॥ இதி ஶ்ரீ வாராஹ்யநுக்³ரஹாஷ்டகம் ஸம்பூர்ணம் ॥

Sri Varahi Anugraha Stotram Meaning:

Oh mother even the great God Easwara,
Who is the director of the drama,
Of creation of earth not being able to,
Understand your real true form,
Became a non-Easwara and how can,
Anyone be capable to write a poem praising you? || 1 ||

Oh mother whose face is the entire world,
The one who sings your name,
Will never have any punishment,
From the stick of the god of death,
For with very little of that song,
He would have crossed,
The sea of day to day life,
And so this is only remembering of your names,
And not a song of your praise. || 2 ||

Hey goddess, because of the intensity of my thought of you,
I became inexpressibly happy and I salute you,
With my hairs standing out due to happiness.
I entreat and beg from you for this wealth,
And so please grant it to me and bless me. || 3 ||

She whose black colour is made dazzling,
By the shine from the gems in the crowns of,
Indra, Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu who,
Are worshipping her lotus like feet,
May please get always reflected,
In the recesses of my mind.
Hey Goddess who destroys all sorrows,
I serve you with all my heart. || 4 ||

You who are blessed with all good things,
Are the body of the boar of the,
Varaha who playfully lifted the earth,
You have your head decorated by the crescent,
And you are the one who occupied the left side of Lord Shiva. || 5 ||

Oh mother who has the gold like,
Shining body of woman up to neck,
Who has the head of boar with three eyes,
And who holds in her hand the holy wheel,
The feet of those who are meditating on you,
Would be humbly saluted by all the devas. || 6 ||

Oh mother, for an ordinary man whose sins,
Have been washed away by serving you,
Even getting salvation, is not that important
For his feet would be worshipped by.
Devas, asuras, nagas and kings,
And anything in this world,
Could be got easily by him. || 7 ||

What is not reachable for him, when he has you in his mind?
What is not available to him, when he worships you?
What is beyond him, when you enter his mind?
Where is the defeat for him who offers a prayer to you? || 8 ||

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Sri Varahi Anugraha Ashtakam Lyrics in Tamil with Meaning

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