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Tirupati Gangamma Jatara 2019 Date, Ticket, Price, Jathara Vesham Details

2019 Tirupati Gangamma Temple Jathara Days:

7-5-2019 – Tuesday – Chatimpu
8-5-2019 – Wednesday – Bairagi Vesham
9-5-2019 – Thursday – Banda Vesham
10-5-2019 – Friday – Thota Vesham
11-5-2019 – Saturday – Dhora Vesham
12-5-2019 – Sunday – Mathangi Vesham
13-5-2019 – Monday – Sunnapu Kundalu
14-5-2019 – Tuesday – Gangamma Jathara. Sapparam

The crowd will be high on the last day (May 14th). It is believed that anyone who has Prasadam will be blessed with children and good health.

Special Darshan Ticket Price: Rs.20.00 for one person

Archana Ticket Price: Rs.5.00 for one person.

Deity Darshan waiting Time: 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

Dress Code: Any decent outfit.

Tirupati Gangamma Temple Jathara Vesham

Day 1 Chatimpu:

Chatimpu is the announcement made around the city of Tirupati for everyone to know that Jathara begins. Usually, this is an event that will take place on the second Tuesday of each year, during the month of May, Gangamma Jathara will be announced. During Chatimpu nobody should appear in the streets. This announcement will be made playing musical instruments known as Dappu.

Day 2 Bairagi Vesham:

On this day devotees covered their body with white paste (Naam Kommu) and used a garland of fruits “Rella Kaya”. The devotees hold neem leaves in their hands and also tie their waist with neem leaves. People will start walking towards the temple and leave these neem leaves and Rella Kaya graland there in the temple after the darshan of the goddess Gangamma.

Day 3 Banda Vesham:

On this day, the devotees used to anoint their bodies with Kumkum paste and tied a ribbon to their head. The Devtoees starts to the temple of Gangamma on foot and will have the darshan of the Goddess Gangamma.

Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma Tirupati

Day 4 Thota Vesham:

On this day, the devotees used to anoint their bodies with charcoal and wears a neem leaves garland. The devotees reach the temple of Gangamma through food and they will have the darshan of the goddess Gangamma.

Day 5 Dhora Vesham:

It is said that the goddess Adi Parakshthi, in the form of Gangamma, killed Chieftain who troubled innocent people.

On this day, the devotees used to anoint their bodies with Sandal paste and wears a graland made out of neem leaves and lemons. Devotees reach the temple by dancing in the streets in search of Dappu music along their way.

Day 6 Mathangi Vesham:

Gangamma, who killed Palegadu in Dhora Vesham, comforted Chieftain’s wife in Mathangi Vesham.

Day 7 Sunnapu Kundalu:

On the sixth day of the festival, the devotees anoint their body with white paste and apply dots with charcoal. And carries a pot (Veyyi kalla Dutta) on their head. Upon reaching the temple the devotees goes around the temple three times carrying the pot on their head. Leaves the pot there in the temple after the 3rd round and go for the goddess Darshan.

Day 8 Gangamma Jathara, Sapparam:

On the seventh day of the festival, the clay idol that was built at the entrance of the main temple on the first day will be destroyed in countless pieces. This event is known as “Champa Narukudu”. The devotees rush to collect this clay which is considered sacred and will be kept in the houses, some will consume by mixing this clay with water.

Tirupati Gangamma Temple History:

Here is another interesting story about this temple. Several centuries ago, goddess Gangamma caused trouble to the people of an entire village by spreading a very strange disease that killed several people. This happened every year even though the people celebrated a grand festival called jatara, in reverence to the goddess.

Once when the jatara celebration is going on, the goddess felt very sorry for the troubles she created to the villagers. She possessed on one of the devotees and told the devotees that she would eradicate the disease from the village if they offered her one human sacrifice every year. The villagers agreed for that and from then onwards each year they caught hold of a traveler passing by the village and offered to the goddess as sacrifice. As per the agreement, the goddess got rid of the disease gradually. It continued for several years.

One day a guru named Tirupati Tatacharya was passing by that village and he was the only person available for the sacrifice at the time. But since he was a guru, a learned man, they did not want to offer him as a sacrificial animal. Tatacharya realized the moral dilemma faced by the villagers and he told them that he would meet the goddess himself and sort out the issue. On the day of sacrifice, Tatacharya asked all his disciples to assemble and continuously chant the powerful Ashtakshari mantra. He had prepared two hot iron rods with him having conch and discus (Shanku and Chakra) shapes on their edges. These two holy symbols were associated with Lord Vishnu and he had his Vaishnavite devotees. As the jatara progressed, the goddess appeared and as usual she possessed one of the devotees and demanded to present her food in front of her. Tatacharya appeared in front of the goddess and he took out the hot iron rods and tried to plant the symbols on the goddess. Though the goddess tried to run away, she failed because of the power of the Ashtakshari mantra being chanted by Tatacharya’s disciples. During his attempt to plant the symbols on her shoulders, Tatacharya missed it and the symbols were planted below her neck. The goddess surrendered before Tatacharya and fell on his feet seeking his forgiveness. Tatacharya accepted her as his disciple and he took her to Tirupati where he established a temple for her at Tirupati.

That was the end of human sacrifice and instead of that, animal sacrifices were performed. Subsequently, over a long period, they stopped both alcohol and animal sacrifices and began only vegetarian offerings.

Tirupati Gangamma Temple Address:

Sri Tataiahgunta Gangamma Devasthanam
Chittoor District.
Andhra Pradesh – 517501

EO Phone Number: 9052174494; 8142149362.

Tirupati Gangamma Jatara 2019 Date, Ticket, Price, Jathara Vesham Details

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