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Tiruttani Murugan Abhishekam Booking Procedure, Duration and Timings

Abhishekam Dress Code: Any decent outfit.

Abhishekam Ticket Cost: Rs.1500

No.of persons allowed: 2.

Abhishekam Duration: 30 to 40 mins

Max 10 tickets will be issued per day at the counter.

Abhishekam Prasadam: A bag with Panchamrutham, 2 Bananas, Flowers, Beetel leaves, Sweet Pongal package, Tamarind rice packet.

Abhishekam Duration: 20 to 30 mins.

Abhishekam starts at 8:15 AM and ends by 8:45 AM.

Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday will be crowded. Minimum 3 to 4 days advance booking is advisable for these days.

Tiruttani Subramanya Temple Abhishekam Timings:

MonthAbhishekam Timings
15 January to 14 December6:00 AM, 12:00 Noon and 5:00 PM
15 December to 14 January6:00 AM, 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM

The above-mentioned timings might differ on festival days.

Tiruttani Abhishekam Procedure:

  • Devotees are allowed to report at the Main entrance
  • Temple staff call in order of booking.
  • Only 2 persons are allowed per ticket.
  • In the end, the remaining devotees are allowed to stand sideways.
  • All devotees are allowed to sit in the Sanctum Sanctorium
  • Sankalpam will be performed for each ticket holder.
  • The priest will close the curtain and Lord Murugan’s jewels will be removed.
  • Nijarupa Darshan of Murugan is visible to all devotees.
  • Abhishekam will be Vibhuthi will be performed at the beginning, Followed by Panchamrutha Abhishekam, Milk, Curd and Coconut Water.
  • Abhishekam Pooja runs for about 20 to 30 mins.
  • In the end, the curtain will be closed for decoration.
  • Harathi will be performed after the Alankarana and devotees are allowed to leave the place.
  • Abhishekam Prasadam can be collected outside the temple (near Thulabharam place)
  • After Abhishekam, the devotees can have Murugan Darshan from a close distance.

Tiruttani Subramaniya Swamy Abhishekam Procedure:

The devotee can reserve a ticket 1 to 2 days in advance at the ticket office. Online booking is not available for Abhishekam tickets.

Instructions to Devotees:

It is advisable to keep small changes like 10, 20 and 50 rs. Rs 50 will be charged as a toll fee upon entering the hill.

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