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Tuljapur Tuljabhavani Temple Rituals

Tuljabhavani Temple Rituals are done from morning to evening on all days. Tulja Bhavani Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeth, dedicated to the goddess Bhavani. Tuljabhavani Temple is an ancient temple located in Tuljapur, Osmanabad district in the state of Maharashtra. Tuljapur is 45 km from Solapur.

Tuljabhavani Temple Rituals:

Chaughada (Drumming Ritual):

At 5:00 AM. before the puja starts, large drums in the drum house (Nagarkhana) of the temple are played loudly. The drums is a call to prayers (puja) for the devotees. The drums are played (Chaughada) three times during the day.

Charantirtha (sacred water ritual of goddess feet and mouth)

The puja performed is at 5:30 a.m. This puja is performed by the hands of the Mahant (chief priest). At the time of Charantirtha puja, the representative of Kolhapur princely state is present. Devotees sing the Arti (holy songs). After this Naivedya (holy meal) of Bhaji-Bhakri is offered to the goddess. A descendant representative of the devotee, Uparkar offers this Naivedya. Later the Naivedya of Kheer by the representative of the former princely state of Kolhapur is offered.

Abhishek (holy bath ritual to Goddess) Puja (prayer)

At 9:00 AM, the goddess Abhishekam is performed by Panchamrut and curd. The Gomukh (holy pond of the goddess) water is used for the goddess’ Abhishekam. During this puja people also Abhishek the holy throne of the goddess by curd, mango juice, and Shrikhand. After the Abhishek, Maha Naivedya (big holy meal) by the Karvir (Kolhapur) princely state is offered to the goddess.

Dhup Arti:

At noon, the clergy and devotees praise the goddess by singing holy songs and lighting Incense (Dhup) and karpur (camphor).

Abhishek (holy bath ritual to Goddess):

At 6:00 PM, the goddess Sbhishekam is done by Panchamruta and water from Gomukha and puja is performed. The arrangement of these materials is done by the Karvir (Kolhapur) princely state.

Shej Arti (nightly sleep songs ritual) and Prakkshal

At night the Prakkshal ritual is performed using the holy water from the Gomukha and the Naivedya of Tup (Ghee) and cooked Rice (Bhat) is offered.

During every Aarti, ritual musical instruments such as tal, dimdi and zanj are played. Gondhali plays the Sambal instrument as Chaughada are played.

Tuljapur Tuljabhavani Temple Rituals

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