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Vizianagaram Pydithallamma Temple 2021 Sirimanotsavam Dates

Sirimanotsavam is a festival celebrated at Vizianagaram Pydithallamma Temple. Siri means goddess Lakshmi and manu means trunk or log. Every year Sirimanotsavam is celebrated in the month of September-October during Dasara on the first Tuesday following Vijayadasami.

It is believed that approximately 15 days before Sirimanu ustav goddess Pyditalli Ammavaru would come in the dream of the temple priest and tell him where the Sirimanu for that year could be found. The Pujari will go and find out the sirimanu and will cut it and perform puja. Wherever be the location of that sirimanu, the owner must agree to cut it for the festival. After neatly converting it into the desired shape, the Sirimanu will be placed over a chariot, which will be brought to Lanters junction around 2 PM in the afternoon. The Pujari will make darshan of Goddess and will sit on the Sirimanu chariot. Between 3 PM to 4 PM, this sirimanu will move 3 times to Vizianagaram fort and temple. Sitting on the top of the fort, the Vizianagaram Rajas will watch the festival. The Rajas will give new clothes to the pujari and puja will be performed. There will be a chariot in the shape of a White elephant in front of Srimanu.

Vizianagaram Pydithallamma Temple 2021 Important Dates:

  • September 23 – Pandirata Ustavam, Mandala Deeksha
  • October 15 – Dasara
  • October 18 – Tollela Ustavam
  • October 19 – Sirimanotsavam
  • October 26 – Teppotsavam
  • November 02 – Uyalla Kambala Ustavam
  • November 03 – Deeksha Viramana, Chandiyagam, Purnahuthi.

Vizianagaram Pydithalli Ammavari Temple Jatara Dates: Starts on September 23rd and ends on November 03.

Vizianagaram Pydithallamma Temple 2021 Sirimanotsavam Dates

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