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Why Hindus Hang Toran | Thoranam Significance, Color, Style

A toran is the entrance decoration, often a wall hanging, that many Hindu homes have at their entrance. Used traditionally in many a culture, these are believed to attract positivity and sprain away negative vibes as well as emotions. Torans can be a beautiful makeover for doors.

They can be made of fabrics or metals which are usually made to resemble mango leaves. They also have other decorative features depending on the region. The origin of torans can be traced to Puranas (Hindu mythological work). Torans are used to decorate the main entrance of the home. Mainly Torans are ties on festival days (at home and Temples), Marriage Functions, Birthday Functions, Gruhapravesams, New Shop Opening Functions etc… Nowadays artificial torans are used at the functions.

The word toran loosely translates to “pass” in Sanskrit.

Toran Significance:

Torans are said to welcome Sri Lakshmi Devi, the Goddess of Wealth, to the home. Torans are especially common during Diwali.

Torans are also the first welcome to a guest into a house.

Scientific Reasoning Behind hanging Toran:

Some traditional torans are made out of mango leaves, to help purify the air around the home.

The green color of the leaves is thought to produce calming effects, ridding your home of Hinduism of anxiety and stress.

Toran Symbolic Color:

Torans can be made with a combination of other elements and colors, each with its own significance:

Saffron (Marigolds): signifies purity and represents the fire element.

Yellow (Marigolds): represents the Spring season as a vibrant color, symbolizes growth, harmony, and wisdom.

White (Beads): represents peace, purity, cleanliness, wisdom.

Blue (Beads): represents the stability of mind, power, and bravery.

Red (Flowers): color of Shakti, most auspicious color, used in Pujas, festivals, marriages etc.

Evil Eye:

  • Some traditionally made torans help keep away the evil eye.
  • The Marigold flower’s orange color is said to ward off the evil eye.
  • The green color of the mango leaves is said to deflect any negative energies from the house and give a sense of calm and relief.

Toran Styles :

There are many different styles of torans across different regions of India. Torans can be made from leaves, flowers, beads, mirrors, cloth, and have different themes.

Other cultures and religions, such as Buddhism, also have a similar concept.

Toran Other References:

The Mahabharata, a great Hindu epic, mentions the toran. It is described as an arch with decorations over doorways with flowers, leaves and garlands.

Makara torana is a feature of Hindu mandir architecture. They are stone carvings of elaborate and varied patterns that adore the entryway of the sanctum.

Why Hindus Hang Toran | Thoranam Significance, Color, Style

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